25 thoughts on “The Horoscope Song

  1. …avoid sticks….kill someone for saying I’m not intelligent…then congratulate them for figuring out I’m not friendly. Ok my agenda for tomorrow is filled.

  2. kill meh fwends!?…wait thats a good thing ! 😀 MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *cough* MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHH *random explosion*

  3. note to self: do not go near mud and do not shove duct tape up your nose while taking my drivers test

  4. Hmm… my head on a stick. Cook it up and add a little butter and it might make a good appetizer ‘w’

  5. I’ll be sure to stay away from frozen buses then! (Hmm, now to Target to buy a whack-a-mole game…how fun ^_^”)

  6. hmm so my apendix is going to burst next week and a big promotion is just around the corner for someone better than me and to laugh?OK!

  7. Never never never never never leave my house again? Okay. *locks doors and windows*

  8. Lol my mom gotta have her head inpalled on a stick and My dad gotta roll ducktape up his noes and have his face stuck in mud, but i kinda makes sense cuz My dad never did his drivers test. (is anyone here an albindo drawf?

  9. all virgos are extreamly inteleigent except for me expect a big surprize and find my head impalled on a stick woohooo virgo lol

  10. Imma freeze my tongue on a speeding bus and I should play 17 hours a day of whack-a-mole to fill the void in my pathetic life aha;))

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