5 thoughts on “Bands like Blackmore’s night?

  1. AllMusic.com has a list of artists that it claims are like Blackmore’s Night: http://wc03.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll but honestly, a lot of those don’t sound like they could possibly be much like Blackmore’s Night (the singer from Whitesnake?). I haven’t heard all of them.

    Loreena McKennitt has a similar feel sometimes; if you like her, I’d also recommend Dead Can Dance. Inkubus Sukkubus is probably more rock-ish but has a lot of the same musical elements. For something much more ancient and folk-ish, without the rock elements that are found in Blackmore’s Night, you might try Hagalaz Runedance.

  2. Check out:

    Jag Panzer
    Avantasia: the Metal Opera
    Symphony X
    Lacuna Coil
    Silent Force
    Dust to Dust

    All of these bands will blow your eyes out of their sockets. Trust me, your new favorite band is somewhere up there.

  3. I *love* Blackmore’s Night 🙂

    Well, Candice says some of her favourite bands and singers are :~

    Stevie Nicks
    Maggie Reilly
    Buckingham Nicks
    Fleetwood Mac
    Sarah Brightman

    I find that artists like Sandy Denny / Fairport Convention are similar in style, and BN are also fans of Jethro Tull.

    But, personally, I think they really are the only band out there with that style of ‘Rennaisance~Folk~Rock’.

    Edit :~

    Watch out for ‘Blackmore’s Kingdom’. They have put out songs pretending to be Blackmore’s Night. Many BN fans have bought this album, thinking it to be Ritchie and Candice, only to feel cheated when they discover the truth.

    “In 1998 “Blackmore’s Kingdom” album was released by unknown group of musicians, it contains both Blackmore’s Night songs and songs by Steve Tilston. This album is most probably re-named from Celtic Secrets that is an album by guitarist Greg Joy” ~ Wiki

  4. Ritchie Blackmore 100

    Blackmore’s Kingdom 60

    Melnitsa 43

    Blackmore’s Night Band Of Minstrels 31

    Hellawes 23

    Mediæval Bæbes 22

    Fiddler’s Green 20


  5. Melnitsa ( The Windmill). It’s russians band. Sing songs wiht english and russian words.

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