The Only Way to Convince your Loved Ones That you are Really Missing Them

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight.

Who can forget these immortal lines by Elizabeth Barrett Browning? These lines spiced your lives as you vowed to let your loved ones feel that you are really missing them at all times.

But times are not at all the same. If they were very much near you a few years back, here comes the time of your life when you are sitting alone reminiscing those memorable moments you have with your loved ones. How your kids have grown up. It seems it was only yesterday that they sat on your lap, asking you to read stories to them while munching those cookies that their mom prepared. How you miss those rides in the park while you sat on the bench with your heart beating faster fearing that your loved ones will fell down in a moment. Yet they were just laughing and giggling as they embraced the air while the swing danced with the wind swiftly. How you are missing your loved ones.

Who can forget those fine beach sands that your loved ones skillfully sculptured into a sandcastle, while you were buried underneath as an enslaved giant. You were not good actors then; you were just free spirits hugging and cuddling as if times will remain the same. But times do change, right? How you are missing your loved ones.

Can you still remember the most memorable moment of all? It is the putting of Christmas gifts that you carefully prepared under the bright Christmas tree. It is about time that they have to open their gifts one by one and said that they really loved you. You were tickled with so much happiness that you had exclaimed not to let this moment pass. But it has to pass and you know that! How you are missing your loved ones.

Your loved ones now might have families of their own; others have stayed in dormitories and boarding houses. And your spouse might have other families, too. Yet the memorable moments kept on lingering because it has been a part of your life. No matter how you tried to bid them away, they will still keep on coming back.

You can call them and say you are really missing them. It is quick and easy. You will just dial your phone or press your keyboard for an instant chat. But something is lacking, isn’t it? Telling them has not elicited anymore the excitement on your loved ones. You want to see their face shine brightly and show that broad smile which you used to see. You know that words could not anymore convince them. You have to retrace back those moments that they really anticipated-handing those Christmas gifts that only you can give and seal with a kiss.

Yes. Saying words could not anymore convince them that you are missing them. They hear those words always. They always see it on their computer screen, read them or hear them on their cell phone. They want something concrete the same as before when they were still living with you under the same roof. They want to feel how you value them while they were still young and now that they are grown ups. I am sure your spouse also anticipated to hear a knock from the delivery boy who says Merry Christmas, here is a special package from someone! Yes, they all want something from you- it is your love-carefully wrapped, delivered on time, when is it? Better rush up before Christmas eve.

Convince them now that you are missing them, that although times have changed but the memorable moments lingered on. Send your Christmas gifts that they are expecting. After all, let action speaks louder than words.

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