What Are Teenage Love Horoscopes

Teen age adolescents are starry eyed and impressionable. Love is what makes their world go round. Apart from academics and sports, teenagers in today’s times are hooked on to dating, candy floss romance, puppy love, wooing sweethearts, swooning over high school heartthrobs, courting their respective crushes etc.

An entertaining and exciting glimpse into the romantic future of teenagers can be offered by teenage love horoscopes. Adult horoscopes are focused on marriage, children, relationship issues, money matters, travel, business, career, health decidedly boring stuff for a bubbly teenager.

This is where a teenage love horoscope comes in. What an adolescent requires is a relevant horoscope which will give forecasts about the love life of adolescents. This special horoscope will only concern itself with highly interesting expressly teenage topics like prom night dates, valentines, dating, friendship, heartbreaks, tips on how to entice sweethearts etc.

These teenage love horoscopes are read for fun and afford good entertainment. They are not meant to be taken seriously. Nor are they the infallible gospel truth. And please don’t break up with your new date just because you two are incompatible and wont gel with each other, as written in your teenage love horoscope. That’s the silliest blunder you can commit. Have faith in your high school flame and don’t discard your sense of balance.

Teenage love horoscopes are provided with sun sign charts. First of all, determine your sun sign from that by matching your birth date to the corresponding sign. For instance, you will be a CANCER if your date of birth falls on July 15th. There are 12 zodiac signs in total, each of one month’s duration, ranging from Pisces to Aries.

Teen magazines like FEMINA GIRL, J-14, teenage sections or editions of lifestyle and fashion magazines, teen websites like cosmoGIRL! are the best places to search for teenage love horoscopes.

You can get hold of 6 different love horoscopes for each of the sun signs geared towards couples and singles and available in daily and monthly varieties. Just hit the cyber world. You will be inundated with scores and scores of other teenage websites offering free teenage love horoscopes along with romantic advice, agony aunt sections, romantic poems to make you feel on cloud nine, dating tips and other such adolescent stuff.

You will gain an insight into your own and your date’s characteristic traits and personalities from teenage love horoscopes. Your compatibility levels can also be gauged from these. Virgo, Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio are the ideal compatible sun signs for Capricorn, and he is rather incompatible with air signs – Libra, Gemini.

Don’t sink into an abyss of depression if your sun sign turn out to be incompatible with that of your crush. The forecasts given by teenage love horoscopes are not compulsory commandments that you have to internalize. It’s just a helpful guide to plan your romantic adventures and take teenage or even adult horoscopes with a pinch of salt.

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