Essentials Of Faith – Paganism – Preview Only

The full version of this video and the rest of this series can be brought on DVD at following link. Essentials Of Faith – Paganism – A preview. Shown on ITV1 3rd of September 2007 Drawing on ancient spirituality, most pagans sum up their chosen form of worship within a modern “green” context. Some follow druidry, others wicca, while a third brand promotes the shamanism of hunter-gatherer cultures. This program sheds light on various examples of pagan devotion put forward by four observers of ancient religious rites and customs. Through straightforward explanations and heartfelt expression, the sundry shapes and species of Paganism are explained by Druid priestess Emma Restall Orr, Professor Ronald Hutton of the University of Bristol, British coven organizer Jeanette Ellis, and shamanic practitioner Leo Rutherford. (24 minutes) © Films Media Group. All rights reserved. If the owners of this video do not want this video to be up here, please contact me and I will be happy to remove it.

25 thoughts on “Essentials Of Faith – Paganism – Preview Only

  1. if you are looking for answers then you need to watch JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI!

  2. Hastings Jack in the Green is exclusively funded by Hastings Borough Council, and as the festival’s secretary I take a dim view of footage being used to promote anything which doesn’t actively support Hastings – and this film, with its quasi-religious overtones, clearly doesn’t. A donation to the RNLI at Hastings would at least suggest the film-makers have the decency to acknowledge the source of their ideas.

  3. What utter twaddle this short film is.

    Lovely to hear Tom Baker, though, whatever crap he’s been given to read. Good also to see old friends in the hastings Jack in The Green clips too.

  4. As founder and researcher of the Hastings Jack in the Green I can only say that whoever put those images on the festival has it all wrong. It can be traced back only as far as the early 19th century and all this clip is wishful thinking.

  5. I love being a shaman, all of my grandmothers were medicine women, and I love myself and my Earth Goddess (:

  6. I use the term Pagan to describe myself rather proudly. In defiance of the original use Christianity had used the word for. Maybe its just me, but that male expert used the word Pagan in a way that almost sounded like he was saying it with some distaste.

  7. That is most certainly not what Wicca is, that guy is wrong.
    Magic is not supernatural and Wicca is not a “mystery” religion.

  8. wish I had the money to buy this, it looks so interesting….crap i hate being broke.

    lol, some of the comments on here are hilarious too. You guys are awesome.

  9. Well to us it does matter. White people
    dont call black people “negro” anymore.
    It is the same thing.

  10. It doesn’t matter really. Because to Chistians Pagan is anyone who does not believe in their God.

  11. Yes I know that Pagan was used meaning “disbeliever in God”. However today it is just used as an umbrella term which in contrast is almost always used in the context of post Christianity.

  12. I am a greek Polytheist and i know
    Neopaganism and the neopagan
    Lies very Good. The term “pagan”
    was created and used by the church
    in the past to destroy our culture and

    we never were pagan, wether our
    gods and our religion.

    I mean before and after christianity.

  13. You made a statement with no evidence and stereotyping every Neo/pagan. Also your statement is very vague; especially when you say that pagans didn’t exist. Do you mean back before Christiany?

  14. Yours is not logical. Look what i have
    wrote first (my first comment you have
    answered to) and then what you have

    I dont have to define a word, what the
    hell… ?

  15. Ha! And you are a Idiot. You are if you
    have read my comment and answered
    like this

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