Studying Auras For Psychic Self Defense – How To Read Someone’s Aura

Many people feel they can figure out what a person is all about just in the first meeting; the vibes they get from a person helps them determine through some inner guiding voice whether the person is giving off good vibes or bad ones and it shapes their relationship in times to come thereafter. It is actually the aura of that person at work.

With good people as with genuinely pure and spiritual people, there may be a visible aura of sincerity; in the same manner, with an evil or wickedly jealous person, the inherent nature of the person may spill over in their aura that is indicated by the color of their psychic impression and your psychic self defense powers may well warn you off the person.

This is the true concept of reading an aura: from the colors of a person’s aura, you can judge their true worth and while many persons may have lost their true identities in the mad rush called modern life, others simply have misplace theirs and can restore it through finding a balance again.

The aura of a person decides whether you will be attracted to him or repelled by him; it is these vibrations of positive or negative energy that are felt by people and relationships develop on the basis of these auras matching in tune with the others or deflecting in conscious distancing.

Those who are involved in conscious forms of meditation and alternate healing practices such as reiki and self-healing techniques are blessed with the ability to see other people’s auras: at times, they read the hues and lesser beings only feel the same impressions. So, you can have a person with auras dominated by red, yellow, blue and black or even green etc. which all indicate different traits in a person.
Black and green have a lot of negative connotations as they are regarded as negatives, though particular shades of green also indicate softer emotions such as sympathy.

Psychics say aura can be of many colors, sizes and shapes; each aura or personal energy is of a distinct color and defines a certain identity that dominates an individual’s personality. For example, a green color aura reflected by a person indicates strong feelings of growth, envy, sympathy, sensitivity and an open outlook while a dirty pink is reflective of a shady character; yellow indicates creative, positive and conscious person while orange denotes vitality and exuberance.

Similarly, lemon yellow is indicative of prestige, high career and personal ambitions being met and soft pink reflects a person’s aura being dominated by compassion, and purity and beauty; red naturally indicates passion and sexy feelings while blue speaks volumes of a calm and serene disposition even as light yellow signifies spiritual and psychic awareness.

Darker shades of red signify a practical, focused and determined individual while pale blue indicates purity of heart and intention; so you need to actually get in tune with your inner spirituality to determine your level of psychic self defense.

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