The Skinny on Touch Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Therapeutic Massage

The benefits of massage has been rooted to the science of touch. Touch is one of our 5 basic senses and researches on the effects of massage have shown a strong relation between skin-to-skin contact, and better physical and mental health.  Massage spas in Sarasota, FL have strongly adapted this idea and are constantly working on their techniques to promote wellness and better health. Touch therapy is actually not a massage technique but is rather a treatment based upon the concept of healing through touch. Touch therapy is usually applied to infants for a proper physical growth but the therapy can also heal other illnesses like infections, diabetes and heart failures. The stimulation of the skin through touch also triggers the release of the “feel good” hormone called endorphins. At the same time, the combination of touch, pressure, and strokes also stimulates the production of white blood cells and better blood circulation. Massage therapy and therapeutic massage, on the other hand, are similar treatments. It’s just a matter of what combination of techniques is being use. Sarasota massage spas generally provide massage therapy and therapeutic massage therapy.

Various studies conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH) have proven that massage is beneficial for all people of any age or any state of health. Whether you’re an athlete in top physical shape, a pregnant woman expecting her first child, or a stressed-out employee, massage therapy will always be a good alternative solution for managing your health without the use of drugs or other supplements. Massage clinics in Sarasota, FL are now very much equipped and knowledgeable to provide your massage needs.

Researches on the relationship between massage and serious ailments have suggested that the treatment reduces pain and anxiety that patients experience caused by diseases like cancer. The James Cancer Hospital and Research Institute in Columbus, Ohio has done just that by putting patients under therapeutic massage therapy for more than a month, and the results have proven to be promising. Massage therapy on cancer patients is now also being explored by clinics and hospitals in Sarasota. Other interesting research results have also indicated that premature infants who received therapeutic massage treatments and touch therapy gained weight easier and fared better than those who did not undergo the therapy. Children with autism who also received massage therapy were observed to display less aggressive and erratic behavior after several sessions with a massage therapist.

Touch therapy comprises of several massage techniques that is designed to suit the different needs of people. A deep tissue massage is one technique that can be categorized under touch therapy. It is specifically for injured or physically active individuals, although it uses heavier and longer strokes. Most clinics and spas in Sarasota, FL offer this service.

Traditional Swedish massage techniques actually hold a lot of similarities with the principles of touch therapy because it uses smoother, slower, and light-pressure strokes. Most, if not all, spas in Sarasota, FL provide Swedish massage services because it is the most popular.  A professional massage therapist should know the 5 basic strokes for this technique. (1)Effleurage- long gliding strokes from the neck down to the spine, or from the shoulder to the fingertips; (2) Petrissage- gently lifting the muscles away from the bones, then rolling and squeezing them; (3) Friction- deep, circular or linear movements with the thumb pads or fingertips; (4)Tapotement- slightly tapping the muscles,and; (5) Vibration or shaking- pressing the hands on the back or the limbs and rapidly shaking them for a few seconds.

Other types of massage techniques use one or two of these basic strokes. Massages like the prenatal or pregnancy massage uses stoke numbers 1, 2, and 4. A sports massage uses 1, 2, 3, and 5, with greater pressure and longer strokes. Your Sarasota massage spa should know this.

Overall, a therapeutic massage is beneficial to all. It gives a sense of well being both to our mind and body.

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