25 thoughts on “Deepak Chopra Interview with Richard Dawkins

  1. @ObsidianImages Oh yes, if you’ve studied psychology you can almost smell people who’ve no idea what they’re talking about.
    Lol, projection- have you ever read your own replies? I’m not the one swearing at strangers over the internet in a bid to derive self worth and suggesting other people committ suicide. lol, what a nasty little toad. I notice you’ve dropped the argument- you admitted failure a while ago and I’m bored of you now. Bye bye dear. Replies won’t be read.

  2. @Bumblybee256 Seems youre familiar with Layman’s Psych. More of the Projections i mentioned…dish your shit out on others etc. For example, your crappy assumption about social life, that wasnt mentioned here, but its not a far stretch for me to imagine you and your housebound 400 pound ass, there all day, getting your only gratification, by spraying others with your faults. As i say, its better to off yourself.

  3. @ObsidianImages I have no doubt that you are, what else would you be doing but sitting waiting for me. lmao

  4. @ObsidianImages Ah, whipping out the layman’s psychology in an attempt to save face. No, dear, all you’ve done is repeat yourself. I have shown you from the start that calling science itself ‘arrogant’ is feeble and simply wrong. I know your ego is hurting but I suspect you’ll have to get used to that. Here’s an idea- in protest against the arrogance of science, log off and throw your computer away. Do everyone a favour.

  5. @Bumblybee256 Awaiting next feeble, poorly thought out spattering of shit, to further incriminate yourself as a f***head you truly are.

  6. @Bumblybee256 It is you, who have had the same point explained to you time and again. And you who are projecting your own personality flaws onto me. A seemingly simple idea, went totally over your self righteous moronic head. You who are in mentally lacking. No failure here is mine, you cant grasp a simple concept, then go have Mommy or Daddy try to explain it to you. Thanks for the laugh though, dipshits like you do serve a purpose. A good laugh for me.

  7. @ObsidianImages Look, you only had to admit your failure once, dear. Highly amusing all the same. I know you know you were wrong.

  8. @Bumblybee256 Whatever, you delusional c***. Just go die in a corner somewhere….Vermin like you need eradication.

  9. @ObsidianImages lmao, wow grandiose delusions now. Thanks for your admission of utter failure.

  10. @Bumblybee256 Pathetic. Now youre really clutching at straws.Cheap attempts at baiting me? Why dont you go suck a dick. Youre too stupid to talk to. Dont respond again, youre 24 carat f***head.

  11. @ObsidianImages And you must be quite socially deprived to get so worked up on youtube. You have finally used the correct word – ‘scientists’ rather than ‘science’ and no, confidence in the scientific method is not arrogance. You appear to be criticising the very confidence that gave you the cimputer you’re using and all manner of other things. The key difference you’ll find between the two groups is the existance of evidence. No, I opened discussion – you really are quite defensive.

  12. @Bumblybee256 Again, you miss the point. You must be f***ing thick. Short of getting an adult to explain to you what i mean, i dont know what to say-heres another try-I dont object to science. Its just that Many scientists now (as with Dawkins in the vid) are arrogant, and are substituting the very people they hate in their “know it all” attitudes. As for nasty piece of work, you opened fire on me first, i returned it. And incidentally, i dont really care much for Chopra. NOW do you get it???

  13. you know the funny thing is, Dawkins was probably fuming for hours (if not days, after) to the point where his nose was bleeding, afterwards but Chopra seemed very cool, calm and mature during the whole thing.

    I myself, agree with alot of of what Dawkins has to say about evolution (face it, its true) and his attack on organized reiligon but I find his attacks on ALL spiritual (or anything “unscientific”) thoughts make him appear sort of like an android.

  14. @txnurse9 – your right ..he’s involved in secular humanism which places man at the center of all things .. Dawkins is so self-centered he can’t see how foolish he is and how the rest of the world who knows him thinks he’s silly his view on mankind [ evolution ] is..i hate to say it but i don’t think there’s much hope for this guy , because he has placed his-self in a deep hole and he is to proud to say he is wrong ..[ what if your wrong ] video proves it ..

  15. Does the arrogant Dawkins think he was created in a petri dish? He is a typical ivory tower snob professor who sees himself as superior to others. He refuses to acknowledge b/c he HIMSELF wants to be God! Its nauseating to listen to him for even one minute. Say hi to Hitler, Dawkins,!

  16. @RealitySword – Deepak has been successful at brain washing you too with his blah blah blah rhetoric! It has nothing to do with “psychological maturity.” Its all about thinking he is superior to others. He is the height of arrogance!

  17. @txnurse9 It comes down to “psychological maturity” txnurse. Deepak is merely stating that our “concepts” of what God is, the “concepts” themselves are not God. Just as the map of France is not France. At night when all of us go into the deep dreamless state, there are no concepts, scientific, theoretical, philosophical, political, etc. Deepak is merely saying that the territory, the actuality, can be experienced directly. Yet, one needs to be psychologically mature to actualize it, realize it.

  18. @saitamme I am curious to know why you think that he is a con man? What is the basis for your position? The problem, is quite simple, it seems. The mind’s limitation is that it cannot but conceptualize, so identified to concepts, we chose one over the other, even the direction to go beyond concepts itself becomes a conceptualization. So that is why adult children fight, and argue, over conceptual toys instead of plastic toys.

  19. What an asshole, he’s not even listening, just waiting for his next opportunity to snipe at Chopra.

  20. I’m a medical student, and I can tell you that about 3/4 of all diseases are psychosomatically conditioned so that is a good reason these “spiritual healers” achieve this amount of success. From that aspect, Chopra is right, but making so much money off methods of self-realization that have been known for thousands of years, and yet trying to come off as some humble spiritual teacher is hypocritical and disgusting. Dawkins does not have such a broad scope on reality either, by the way.

  21. whatever he he doesnt understand he gives the name such as (mombo jombo).looks like extremist .good job mr chopra.

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