Exotic Massage Techniques : What Is a Reiki Massage?

A Reiki massage targets the seven energy centers to help balance out the universal life force energy, and it is performed by a Reiki master who is highly trained in channeling the energy. Understand how a Reiki massage can help overall well-being with advice from a licensed massage therapist in this free video on massage. Expert: Sundae Thomas Contact: www.Naturalsundae.com Bio: Sundae Thomas has been a massage therapist for almost a decade. She is the owner of Natural Sundae in Land of Lakes, Fla. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

25 thoughts on “Exotic Massage Techniques : What Is a Reiki Massage?

  1. If we could see the “reallity” it is one, if we couldn’t see it, then the reallity is one, too.

  2. Ki, Chi or Qi may be interpretate in diferents ways, but this is not an interpretation of the Ki or Chi. The Reiki is a system from Mikao Usui and he was very clear about his system when he wrote the Hikkei. If you introduces changes in the system, that is not Reiki but it is another system.

  3. @erdelapu Ki, Qi, Chi (and several others) Are all versions of the work ‘energy’, not saying that you are totally wrong. Just making a point. All parts of these words could mean a number of things. Let her educate how it is that she pleases and make your own channel to correct her. She is considered a Pro. at this for one reason or another and you are further dumping on her page.

  4. Your translation of the word Reiki is wrong. If we take a Japanese dictionary, the Rei means “sacred” or “sacred spirit” and “Ki” means halit or spiritual power. The right translation is “sacred spritual power”. Look at the dictionary. The Takata tradition is wrong and the Japanese Reiki not talk about “chakras”: see the Hikkei.

  5. I’m with you on this one. There are FAR more things out there that we are unaware of than things that we ARE aware of! That being said, I just had my first Reiki work done today, 6 hours ago. Several trusted friends swore by this, but I left feeling disappointed. No clouds opened up and lifted my stress or anything like that. I believe in energy healing and may even try this again, but I can understand why some “more close-minded” people might have trouble swallowing these concepts.

  6. @VioletRoseReiki With all due respect, all I`ve ever seen in a reiki related video on youtube was something that could generally be described as “waving hands around a person”, and all written information easyly accessable via internet states pretty much the same.

    As to Dr. Öz, I am quiet sure that his education in matters of quantum physics is poor at the very best, as is the education of most medical doctors on this topic.

  7. Neither I, my students, my colleagues nor my teachers have ever “waived hands” around a person and “thought about energy”. Dr. Mehmet Oz refers to reiki as “The Energy Medicine of the New Millennium”. It is obvious you have been seriously miinformed as to what reiki really is or you are extremely closed minded. Regrettably, I have neither the time nor the desire to educate you here on You Tube.

  8. Then, would you be so kind and tell me which actual parts of it state that waving your hands around a person and thinking about energy, whatever this is supposed to mean in this context, does have any effect on whatever?

  9. Well, I`m a student of chemistry and therefore, I do have a solid basic knowledge of quantum mechanics. Do you?

  10. how about this, Reiki is just voodoo magic, that doesnt actually do anything, its a state of mind. to get it into that sort of that study is evil. its against religion. you have to do symbols over ppl to heal them. now i’m gonna listen to breaking benjamin. PZ!

  11. Wrong or right, i think i’m gonna need a Reiki massage or what ever soon. I’m a Reiki Master (not teacher) but have been very inactive the last few years.

  12. My suggestion to you is that you read up a little on energy and quantum physics; that should take the hokuspokus out of it for you. Also see information from true Reiki Practitioners like Pamela Miles who is welcomed in hospitals to train and teach and perform Reiki on patients. Don’t believe all the New Age, Psychic yada yada that is out there pretending to be Reiki. Get some more facts.

  13. You are completely INCORRECT. Massage involves manipulating the body. Reiki does not manipulate the body, in fact no touching is even necessary with Reiki. I repeat: REIKI IS NOT MASSAGE just as MASSAGE IS NOT REIKI. YOU are the one who needs to “learn stuff before talking” and my suggestion is that you start learning how to write in the English language or maybe take a spelling class.

  14. WRONG! REIKI IS a form of massage using Japanese techniques. In massage there are different methods, reflexolgy, shiatsu, accupressure, rolfing among many others. in shiatsu no contact or manipulation is done either, and is still part of massage therapy.
    a recipient of a massage is NOT naked, they can undress to their comfort level, usually to their undergarments, if the client chooses to leave cloths on, we massage therapist just have to work thru em. please learn stuff before talking, Thanks

  15. Sounds pretty much like hokuspokus and howling at the moon. If you want energy to be flowing through you, touch a capacitor. (Don`t do it, it might kill you)

  16. WRONG! REIKI is NOT massage. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique. No massaging or manipulation is done. In massage the recipient is naked. In reiki no clothing is removed. This video is full of misleading & wrong information. The giver is correctly referred to as a practitioner of reiki and does NOT need to be a reiki master. Reiki is not all about the chakras. Very inept, misleading video with blatantly wrong information. I know this because I am a reiki master/teacher.

  17. I’m really interested in taking a Reiki class. I’m going to sign up at my local community college. I feel my spirit is calling for it.

  18. no, sorry.
    I’m not trying to act smart or anything, but… reiki actually does work, you can use it for animals or humans, etc.
    I had this friend who’s mom practiced reiki in her spare time, it worked pretty well on a few of their animals and sometimes she used it whenever someone was overly stressed.
    I don’t mind if anyone sends back an insulting message, but it is your choice if you choose to believe it works or not.

  19. Can you see electricity?
    Can you see magnetism?
    Can you see radio waves?

  20. I am open to this idea but if you cant see something how can you manipulate it? It kind of goes against the laws of physics.

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