How have angels and demons from the bible found their way into witchcraft?

The old religions predate Christianity, but many people who call themselves witches cast spells that invoke demons and angels known to Solomon and other biblical characters.

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  1. Um, which witches do this exactly? If you are talking about people who invoke demons and angels from the “keys of soloman” or “Goetia” this is not techinically witchcraft, in fact some people believe you should be Jewish or Chrisitan to cast these spells, since you need the protection of the Arch Angel Michael.

    Those summoning spells do not relate to religions like wicca AT ALL. It would be against the nature of those religions to summon demons to help you.

  2. First off, you need to know your demon/angel history. Christians demonized and sainted a number of pagan deities.

    Lucifer, for instance – he was Roman long before he was Christian. Lucifer was the morning star, bringer of light – not a demon, but a god of light.

    If a witch calls on Lucifer, it’s not as a demon – it’s as his real identity, a bearer of light.

    St. Bridget was actually the pagan goddess Brigid. She was changed by Christians in order to help promote the conversion of the people to Christianity. So if a witch calls on Brigid, they are calling on a goddess, not a saint.

  3. It is because High Magick uses them and parts of Modern Wicca are evolved from Mr. Crowley’s work with the Golden Dawn. Most Wiccans do not use them. However I know pagans that were raised Christian and still feel some ties to the faith and use the Arch Angels in their practice. I personally do not use them because I feel any connection what so ever to Christianity, never have. But I do not hold any grudges or look down upon other Witches that do.

    ETA- African based Witch craft such as Palo Meyombe actually uses names of saints and Christian Characters to hide the Gods that they are really using. They even get candles with Christian imagery on them when in reality they are praying to someone such as Obatala.

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