How would I go about starting meditation?

I want to start meditation just as a way of destressing myself and calming down, can anyone advise me, well first what exactly should be done, how to do it, what times of day how often, how much of it is down to the individual what are the core necessities please help me out I’m eager to learn.

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  1. The first thing to do is to start off slowly, only doing about 5-10 minute meditations at first, then working up to making them as long as you want them to last, in order to get into the habit of meditating. The next step is to pick a spot in which to go to to meditate every day (or night), then choose what position is the most comfortable for you to be in. You don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor to meditate – you can be in any position that is the most comfortable for you.

  2. This very informal yet powerful meditation can be done while drowsing in bed as you are waking up or going to sleep, resting on the couch, or sitting with a straight posture. The premise of the meditation is that heavy energy caused by emotional trauma is lodged in the body, in particular in the energy centers called chakras. These spots of heavy energy become blockages of chi, ultimately manifesting in emotional and spiritual problems, and sometimes physical illness. The purpose of the meditation is to dissolve and dislodge the blockages.
    SIMPLE SOLUTION: Spiritual healing can have a very profound effect on your life, and this technique is one that will help no matter what your experience with energy work may be, whether you are old or young, sick or healthy. Learn how, here:
    You can finish reading this article and many others @ in the green living section or just click on the site below. If you type in MEDITATION in the search section there is a list of different meditations, like healing, forgivness etc.Meditation is a great way to heal, relax and feel tranquil.
    Good luck in your quest I hope this helps.

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