25 thoughts on “Burger Grease Art

  1. Lol but that kinda puts me off hamburgers. At least it wasn’t with fries… mmmmmm

  2. @super6plx the person who would rate it down could of been fast food resturant owners, people who obessesed as in always eats them, or truth hater!

  3. everyone please check out the video of my Oil painting. It took me 5 months to finish and its 4 feet by 6 feet. let me know what you think of the piece. the video is called – Monumental Oil painting- from start to finish

  4. Love your work! Casting for on-air *U.S. BROADCAST; or on-line, FROM ANYWHERE.If you are enthusiastic about the show…Please prepare an audition tape: post it on THE ARTIST IN YOU TV SHOW PAGE on FACEBOOK, title it “AUDITION TAPE FOR THE ARTIST IN YOU”. Please make it relevant to the mission of the show, and how YOU can play a role in it! Thanks

  5. Oh brother, if you are going to get offended by cursing on youtube don’t even get on youtube. Most people say f***, it’s a word, a word. It is a string of letters that may or may not relate and image. I pity this person, like you, and your inability to critically think, however it is every youtuber’s free right to write whatever they want on here as long as it’s aloud. F***.

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