Do the religious understand that spirituality is not secular?

I’ve never belonged to a religion, and believe they do more harm than good. I’m also very passionate about my own beliefs and spirituality, but that seems to go unrecognized the second I say I’m not a Christian. Suddenly I’m a godless heathen or at best an ignorant who needs saving.

8 thoughts on “Do the religious understand that spirituality is not secular?

  1. Sure they do, they just think you’re wrong and they’re right. Your spirituality is misguided, in other words.

  2. Well, to be fair to the Christians, their view is that they hold the “one true path” to Heaven. In that sense, it doesn’t really matter whether you believe in a different god than them or none at all (or some other spiritual/religious beliefs), since to them all of those paths are still the “wrong” ones. It should be pointed out, though, that some Christians are much more flexible on this point than others.

    Not really condoning it, but the point is that your relative level of “spirituality” doesn’t usually mean squat to the folks who think they’ve got all the answers.

  3. A Christian is a follower of Christ and has accepted Him, not religion as their Lord and their Savior.

    All religions, other than the Jewish religion, which was created by God, is made by man and is man’s attempt to please their gods and control other people. All religions have rules, rituals and laws to follow. Every religion believes that they have the answers for redemption. The answer for redemption through religion, lies within man’s ability to perfectly follow it’s teachings which man can not do. Jesus is the only one who followed religion perfectly.

    Jesus is God’s way to reach down to mankind with love, forgiveness, acceptance and grace. Jesus is not a religion. He is God and He is the way for man to have fellowship with God.

    When we come to Jesus, we are full of the original sin nature and the sins that we have committed. He cleanses us when we accept Him as our Lord and Savior and repent of those sins.

    Our redemption and salvation results from Jesus’ willful and sacrificial death on the cross to take our place for our sin nature and our sins. He is the only atonement possible because He is without sin. Jesus does it for us because we are incapable of following any religion perfectly. He did follow the law perfectly.

    Coming to Jesus as our Lord and our Savior, not religion, is what God requires for us to become forgiven, sanctified, and have the personal relationship with God that He intended from the start. Jesus is the only way to God.

  4. It’s perfectly understandishable. Life is precious, and god and the bible.

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