Numerology & Horse Racing

Everybody is interested in lotteries, horse racing, casino and such other sports and games whereby richness can be earned without any hard effort from his part. Horse racing is one of the avenues which have been the attraction to millions of people around the world since decades. Numerology helps gamblers a lot in working out the winner horse.

Money, richness, fame and prosperity are something which everybody loves to have. It is very difficult, if not impossible to find an individual who is not interested in getting money and riches in one night. Talking of Horse Racing, people take into consideration the age of the horse, his previous records, the drawbacks of the horse, his weight, the length of the race, the jockey who is to ride him and so on and so forth. Why consider so many factors, when the easiest solution is at hand? Yes, and we are speaking of Numerology. Numerology is one of the simplest methods to work out the winner horse – the horse which will achieve success and money.

The method of finding out one’s lucky horse for the purposed of horse racing is as follows:

1.The person or the gambler should always try his lucky number. Suppose say, if he is born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month, his lucky number is 1 and he is being governed by the planet Sun. Number 4 is the counterpart of number 1 and therefore the person should always try those horses whose serial numbers are 1 and 4.

2.Secondly, every number has its own lucky colors. The jockeys wear caps of different colors and the person should find out the jockey who is wearing the cap of his lucky color and choose him.

Now the number of the horse selected and the lucky color needs to be combined. The lucky colors of the number 1 are yellow, orange and gold. If the jockey is wearing the cap having any one of these colors, then things are bound to work out well and fine. But in case the colors are different but those of number 4, then the person can try horse number 1 as the number 4 is equally lucky for him.

Now it may also happen that the color of the cap is not in harmony with the lucky number. In such a case, the person should see whether the horse is a favorite of a fluke. If the horse is a favorite and the color too, is lucky then it is advisable to try on that horse.

3.Finally, the mental vibrations i.e. the vowels of the name of the horse and the name of the jockey a swell needs to be worked out. If the vibrations are in harmony with the person’s own name vibrations, then that horse or jockey is tried out which is favorable to that person.

Thus, from the above discussion, it is very clear that before selecting a particular horse for participating in the Horse Racing the following are the check points:

a.The lucky number.

b.The Lucky color.

c.The name of the horse.

d.The name of the jockey.

e.The color of the jockey’s cap.

f.Whether the horse is a favorite or a fluke.

Consideration of these factors will help a person in selecting the correct wining horse.

Speaking on the occasion of numerology and horse racing Dr. M Katakkar, a famous numerologist says:

“It is my experience of several years based on statistical data that horse numbers 3 or 6 usually wins in the 3rd or the 6th race.”

This message is for all the horse lovers, to try this method and see the results!

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