Amon Amarth – The Last With Pagan Blood

We storm ahead with swords’n shields For victory we ride We fight the world on these battlefields To re-erect the pagan pride We draw the blood of those in our way It’s ‘victory or die With pounding, raging fury we slay Now christian hounds will pay Charge ahead, no retreat No merca, noone shall live To us there is no defeat No remorse to give A wind of power blows from the north The enemy shivers to the core We slay with strength, pushing forth Silence before the storm The gates of Valhall open up The ground beneath us shakes As Oden leads the Gods to war The Rainbow Bridge cracks Nothing can stop this final attack We carve up all in our path Now there is no turning back Final battle is here at last A feast awaits us when we get back Awaiting all that fought in wrath By the long fires we sit in glory Ande beer cools our soar throats We are few but strong in will The last with pagan blood We fought the world with burning steel Now we sit in Hall of Gods Pride and glory in our hearts Pride and glory in our hearts

25 thoughts on “Amon Amarth – The Last With Pagan Blood

  1. We are few but strong in will
    The last with pagan blood
    We fought the world with burning steel
    Now we sit in Hall of Gods

    Pride and glory in our hearts
    Pride and glory in our hearts!!!!!!!!!!

    My f***ing anthem!


  3. Sheez people.. This is an Amon Amarth video.. comment on that.. If you need to discuss offtopic subjects so badly then go private.

  4. @ChristinaNL89


    …of that time and you will see how you failed in that point. But back to WW2. It startet with a war against Poland – do you know, how it came to that conflict? Dont tell me for racial reasons…again, read something that informs you about the situation for Germany after WW1…and about the “Contract of Versaille” and about all the debasements by a shady justice of the victors of WW1.

    (Sorry for bad english!)

  5. @ChristinaNL89

    About WW2. Are you in ernest to take the agent of this war in the racism of the NS?! Arent you meaning, that maybe the first WW and his consequences to Germany build the reason for another war? Do you know this consequences really – take shure, if you are willing to debate about the WW2. Lets take a look if you…
    How do you introduce the situation for Germany after WW1? “The Slavs were not white to them” – source? Read a book about “the human races” of that time…

  6. @ChristinaNL89

    Well…the european “white” racism is another than in the USA – here is “White Power” not a symbol für supremecy but for racial awareness. And this awareness is loosing more and more in a multi-racial society which is grown up in the most european nations…so racial self-esteem is the concequent answer to avert the downfall of our kind. In this modern days we need this racial emanzipation just as well like the blacks in the USA at the end of the 20th century.

  7. most advanced societies in today’s world. And they have colonized and oppressed people from all over the world, so it’s logical that people can take offense at expressions of white pride movements.

    Oh and thanks for the tip, but I read enough books about WW2. WW2 did start about white racism. According to Nazi theory the Germans were the only pure descendants of the white race and had to conquer the world. The Slavs were not white to them. Like it or not, Hitler is a stain on European history.

  8. Maybe you should actually read the message before you respond to it. I didn’t say that whites may not have pride, I said that you can’t get angry at people for taking offense at WP movements simply because Asians and Blacks have pride movements too. The history behind those movements is completely different, especially black pride is an answer to the racial discrimination blacks have suffered for centuries. Whites don’t have to prove their superiority because they already have the

  9. @ChristinaNL89

    In which way, you think, did the WW2 startet of course of “superiority of the whites”? Read for yourself some books – maybe even some, that dont only light by one only way…
    Btw: your version of the reason, why whites shouldnt be proud of their race and their ancistors is poor. You cant be serios, if you deny an young european his racial self-esteem, because once somebody white dit somthing we decline today. Racial aplomp is natural – to deny is a victim!

  10. Besides, white people don’t need to defend their cultures since they dominate the world in terms of technological, industrial etc process. For non-whites pride movements are to show that they have something to be proud of in spite of their countries problems, when whites brag about their culture it’s logical people interpret it as a statement of superiority.

  11. Marxism means you want to give everyone an equal share regardless of their background. White people have causes quite some bloodshed based on racial arrogance, so it’s not surprising people associate WP with that. Non-White pride movements want to assert their pride in the face of oppression, which is a big difference. But Marxists don’t like differences.

  12. Marxism = multiculturalism = wipe out whitey

    i don’t understand what you’re talking about

  13. Wow, how relativistic, almost Marxist. “If dey has pride movements we has ze right to pride too!” If you’d read more books you’d know that the difference is that White people have oppressed other races for centuries, on a much bigger scale than other races. America, founded on oppression of local population and slavery. WW2, started over the supposed superiority of the whites. I’m not taking any stance here, just pointing you at a historical fact. Ponder on it for a while.

  14. I f***ing hate ignorant b******s who associate Vikings with Nazi’s…YOU GOT BLACK PRIDE, ASIAN PRIDE, MEXICAN PRIDE, BUT WHEN A WHITE PERSON SHOWS PRIDE IN THEIR HERITAGE THEY ARE F***ING NAZI…God damn double standard motherf***ers…

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