How one Collects Karma – Enlightenment & Spirituality http (blog) Acharya Shree Yogeesh addresses the question Can karma be collected if one is ignorant? Talk about the collection of karma. *tags* karma ignorance kriya karmic theory enlightenment spirituality kamra

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  1. All these things are based on result. Do you believe that the souls only intention is to seek benefits for itself, or is there really a higher intention. Karma it seems to be a tool used to guide us in the right direction, that is made by our subconsious which is the real god of the universe. Yes?

  2. Hi:)what about cockroachs in someone’s house?!once a year they come out too much and i realy scare…what can we do then??:(

  3. everyone needs to know the universal karmic laws. the laws are somewhat numerous, very similar to each other, and deceptively simple, they take lifetimes of contemplation and understanding.

  4. Because, to them, fishing causes innumerable degrees of suffering upon the fish itself. Having a hook strung up your mouth isn’t exactly a pleasant experience, especially when fish have roughly the same nerve sensitivity as humans.

  5. Thats a really good question.
    As there is no right or wrong answer just more of an opinion on it.

    In the End. Ask yourself the simplest question. If I create this experience and I want anyone or anything dead am I not asking for this intention on myself?

  6. yes. meat = bad karma. good luck in your journey to becoming a vegetarian

  7. this dudes insane, he said that your collecting terrible karma when you go fishing

  8. there are really good questions in here ,,
    i have another one .. is there a way to know how much good and bad karma you ve collected,. i hope im a good person i never whant to harm anyone but i did alot of mistakes in my live, i try to be a good impact on my environment but know im affraid i really dont whant to be a bad person

  9. I Have a Questionn … Is Eating chiken or beef or anything like dat a bad karma ??? It if iss i’ll stop eatin non-veg thnxx And plzz replyy !!!

  10. Meaning not enlightened, still spiritually asleep, you are then in the dream, not awake.

  11. do unborn babies get bad karma for causing there mother pain during pregnancy

  12. Since karma is collected through negative intentions, does that mean when we watch movies and we wish for the death of the bad guys, we are collectiong the karma of a murderer?

  13. I Know you probably get alot of questions but I’ll be as patient as possible to hear your answer. It’s possible to collect the negative and positive karma of parents.. correct or not? I’m in a little rut and it’s sort of phychologically challenging but I know I’m a good person. Can my parents karma rub off on me?

  14. hey your typing is fine if you want to see bad typer then try to read some of my posts lol 😛

  15. sorry i mean is the stone part of god or the ocean part of god or the sun the dust are these all parts of god i only ask because i was taught he or she was the creator so to me then if he created everything then everything comes from god so everything must be god?? if he created everything we see touch feel not only the living animals plants im talking about the inert substances here like rocks/iron/ice are these substances a part of god does he exist everywhere? thanks

  16. Yes it is. It’s like yelling into the well, and the reaction to your action, is the echo.

    To answer your question about God being everywhere: Where there is life, there is God.

  17. PART3: or say a women gets pregant and plans to get an abortion and later decides not do it and have the baby. how much good Karma would she get for that cause she could of kept a child from growing into a living breathing baby but she didnt would that be looked at an unselfish deed canceling the bad out? curious !! and i’m pro-choice by the way, “her body her choice” but i’m just some theories.

  18. PART2: and another thing how much good karma will someone get if they save someones life? or say if you’ve done 75% bad and 25% good and you die saving someones life will the bad be canceled out ( i mean you did give up your life for someone else geesss).

  19. PART1: Question? the karma that we build up in this life, is it possible to atone for some of the karma while you are still in this life or do you wait intill you crossover and are reincarnated agian then atone for the sins of your last life in the next one.

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