5 thoughts on “In regards to Chaos Magick: Can alcohol intoxication help one reach the state of Gnosis?

  1. Im a Christian Zombie and I’ve come to eat your troll brains… grrrrr

  2. Remember the nature of Chaos. I won’t tell you NOT to use that, but alcohol intoxication is one of the sloppiest forms. If you’re like me, a (meaning ONE) glass of wine will give that laid back, hypnotic feeling that would make ritual consciousness very easy and quick to obtain.

    If you are looking for ecstatic workings, I don’t recommend overindulgence of alcohol.

  3. No, but it will get you some fun times (if you can remember them when you get sober).

  4. Yes, the Jim Morrison Ritual and the Bill the Cat Ritual are two examples of Chaos Magick that uses a LOT of alcohol. They wouldn’t be the same without it.

    Some of the old timers here may remember these or other rituals of Chaos. There isn’t much Chaos Magick happening these days. It has become politically incorrect because of all the nudity, drunkenness and public sex that often happens there. It can turn into a real pagan orgy.

    Ah, the good old days.

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