Wiccan Woman

Song: Wiccan Woman Artist: Bootlegg Shaman Album: Bootlegg Shaman I was born in the alley Of a backwoods town About the time the White man come around Me and the devil And the dog makes three I swear I heard your voice Of choice above the Noise inside of me And I think it Was a whisper You called, my lady Cause of some unknown Secret vows cast Over the telephone Like a gypsy in a faerytale You sung my future Sweet as a nightingale Like the earth, like a sister Spanish moss in the breeze And the black cat’s mew Screech owls in your dreams Of the night bayou Wiccan woman Is the swamp A’callin you Winter comes like a baby Climbing on your knee You pluck my heart strings With your athame My amour You are poetry Wiccan woman Paint me a portrait Of a swampland home With deadly nightshade And toad and black cat bone Carry the legacy Within your soul The moon, the Goddess The night, the Queen Creole See how she flys Take me to a sabbat In the month of May Help me to forget the Pain of yesterday Fear of god is The white man’s way Say power to the people but they Stick a needle in my eye Touch me Touch me Wiccan woman

11 thoughts on “Wiccan Woman

  1. cool video. Loved it 🙂
    I know a few women this could describe….
    5 *****
    Loved the guitar and the rhythem that changed.

  2. the devil tarot card used to actual;ly be the “horned god”. Which ofcourse is a natural blessing
    The devil tarot card arrived from Christianized mystics. But we still see it as the horned god and not a personification of evil

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