James Randi Speaks: My Horoscope

James Randi Speaks Video 5 Recorded: 2/06/2009) Lighting, Camera and Editing by: Richard Montalvo (rmontalvo23@gmail.com) James Randi discusses a few comments that were made about a previous video and takes a look at a video that someone posted in which his Horoscope was drawn up with the wrong birthdate. The original horoscope video has been removed from YouTube. But the same YouTube user created a new horoscope with the correct birtdate. Link to Correct Horoscope www.youtube.com www.youtube.com

25 thoughts on “James Randi Speaks: My Horoscope

  1. @colourmegone yeah, watching and listening Randi is a great eye opener. He does enlighten indeed. The way he debunks, albeit very politely, these frauds is great

  2. @ebrobaru If I could enlighten you I wouldn’t be hanging around YouTube posting comments, I’d be out doing serious things for serious rewards. Watching Mr Randi is a good place to start and maybe this will help (there’s more but I ran out of room), ” Believe only after careful observation and analysis, when you find that it agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all. Then accept it and live up to it.” Kalama Sutta by Gautama Buddha.

  3. @colourmegone I know how to spell fine, thanks. Sometimes when typing in a samll keyboard those mistakes happen. Anyway that´s not the point. How to think? Ok, enlighten me.

  4. @ebrobaru No it isn’t, astronomy has nothing to do with predicting seasonal or other events. The definition is as I stated. People once saw the universe as relating directly to themselves; i.e. everything was made for human beings, including the heavens, so it’s understandable that they mistakenly saw the stars as personal auguries. However the main purpose of astrology was to predict the changing of the seasons, navigation, etc. And please learn to spell (and think), ‘my freind’.

  5. “Tricky? OHH YEAAHHH!”
    How is he so cool at his age? He’s like a cartoon character, he’s larger than life!

  6. @colourmegone predicting eclipses, predicting the seasons, that´s astronomy my freind, not astrology. Astrology is supposed to predict the outcome of people lifes and it´s characteristics based on the moment they were born and the influence of the stars and planets on it.

  7. Ive got a triplet brother and sister. So if horoscopes were right our lifes would be exactly the same! Haha, not quite not quite.

  8. @ebrobaru No, that’s called ‘astrology’ and was around for centuries before astronomy, which is the study of the stars. Astrology seeks to predict events (e.g. changing of the seasons, eclipses, etc.) based on the position of the stars in sky, astronomy is concerned with catagorizing and cataloging the stars. Cosmology is the activity of speculating as to where it all came from and where it’s going based on the findings of physics and astronomy. I hope that clears up the difference.

  9. @colourmegone Wait, would that be astrology or astronomy? I can’t remember the difference.

  10. Astrology actually works, if you use if for the right purposes. It will give you a dependable guide to the changing of the seasons and the best times to plant and harvest your crops. It will predict, more or less reliably, the flooding of the Nile and other events. It will even guide you and your ship through the night. It may even indicate some particulars of your personality, if you accept that being born in a particular season can effect your outcomes in life.

  11. Current physics has no predicate for experiential phenomena at all – Noam Chomsky and Arthur Koester 1959 – Innovation is a two fold threat to academic mediocrities. It angers their oracular authority and it evokes the deeper fear that their whole laboriously constructed intellectual edifice may collapse. I love science types that push the intelectual boundaries of what is scientifically acceptable.

  12. Realm of immediate possibility? And how do we define, whats that and whats not that? Im quiet sure, that Randi undestands this reality well enough.

  13. so maybe he did more reading LMAOROTFL Randi o r awesome!
    also the link to your horoscope does not work anymore…

  14. Whenever this guy covers a topic (i.e. dowsing, horoscopes), I can automatically deduce it is false without needing to watch the entire program.

  15. @SuperNanel How dare you silly fool challenging the spelling of a professor! Make sure now you lead the old man to water for a good long bath and bathe yourself with him too!


  17. @noir0222 LOL woah woah woah, at what point did you think i was going to PAY you for it? hahaha!

  18. I know this is silly, but Mr. Randi, you are my new hero. Honestly, if I could have your job, I would step on it in a minute. I would not do it because I wish to prove people wrong, no. This sort of “victory” is nothing shy of selfish. My goal in life is to improve the quality of education in the United States and maybe even the world and I see that you do so every day through your work. Thank you.

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