11 thoughts on “Do you think Religion and Spirituality should be 2 different categories?

  1. If people with Religion have the answer, then why are there many different religions?

  2. YES!!!!!! Though it should have said those who “think” they have the answer, and who think everything is easy.

    I’m a Christian, and I hate the stupidity on both sides!

  3. Possibly…but I definitely believe that Atheist and non believers should have their own category….then they can make fun of one another and make all the jokes they want about God, the Bible and Christians….

  4. No – whats the point?

    That’s like splitting the Womens Health section for women who want answers and guys who are just curious.

  5. It might be nice for their to be a section for people who wish to ask legitimate questions to religious/spiritual people, and a section for people who wish to ridicule people’s religion.

  6. YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Spirituality is about following your own path (FYOP) …. religion is about following a path laid out for you …

    Two completely different things !!

  7. You should have an asterisk by your word ‘answer’.

    * implying that one that is best for them that is not founded upon any evidence, but instead upon oral story-telling that was eventually written down. And this answer statistically is the same as that person’s parents.

  8. Yes it should be different categories, no not for answers vs. searches. Religion for questions about religions like Christianity, Buddhism, etc. and spirituality for questions about spiritual things like the holy spirit or questioning God or higher power, etc.

    What am I if I believe that people choose to come to earth to learn?

    What was that amazing feeling I had watching the sunset yesterday?

  9. No, I don’t think they are mutually exclusive. Becoming a better person is a process. Religious people should be striving to become more spiritual in their lives.

  10. No way is the site’s ‘brain’ smart enough to separate the questions. Look at how many questions are ridiculously miscategorised as it is…

  11. I respect other opinions, but that’s not the way I view it at all. I realize that ”religion” is a dirty word to a lot of people, but to me, most of my sense of spirituality stems from my religion. Most of my sense of spirituality is strengthened by my practice of religious rituals; prayer, fasting, studying the Bible, etc. To seperate the two would be like removing a house from it’s foundation.

    The philosophy section is good for irreligious people who still have a sense of spirituality, or anyone else who enjoys thinking, really.

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