3 thoughts on “Has anyone ever had any luck with the Bach Flower Remedies? Tell me about what you used and how it helped.?

  1. I’ve used the skin cream and mustard remedy.
    The mustard is for when you feel kinda down for no reason. The skin cream was for a dry patch near my nose. It was gone in two days and hasn’t been back. I know a couple people that use the rescue remedy for stress and they like it a lot.

  2. Yeah, I use the Rescue Remedy when I’m felling a bit stressed out, around exam time, etc. I think they’re great!

  3. I too have used Rescue Remedy. I love it! I used it on the day I was getting married, and made my husband use it too. And people were amazed at how calm we were. And I forced my mom to take it too. And she’s the biggest stress case ever, and she’s never been calmer in her life! I use it when I fly, or even when I had my c-section. I’m a total believer.

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