Signs That Your Crush is Your Soul Mate

As you walk through the path of life, you will be hoping to find the Mr. Right or miss perfect. Sometimes it seems like a dream when all the people we meet keep on breaking our hearts just when we thought the search was coming to an end. True love sometimes looks like a fantasy especially when you thought your crush is your soul mate only to be disappointed. If you are teenager, i am sure that sometimes you feel overcome by emotions so many times that you wonder how many people you are supposed to love. As a young person, i always wondered how many people i had to fall in love with. I later realized that you fall in love more than once for a reason. Each and every time you have strong emotions for someone, it feels like the true love and like the final love deal.

People come in our lives for a reason and every relationship has a lesson. No wonder how painfully a relationship ends, it can never be a waste of time. It offers a lesson about yourself, your capacity to love and helps you to identify what you are looking for in a soul mate. If a relationship ended because you did not like a trait in your lover, you will be very careful to pick point it in your next prospect. Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether your crush is your soul mate. Love is not just a feeling and so a crush can be misleading. You need to know when the intense feeling of a crush is deeper than lust and infatuation. It might have moved into the realm of love.

To know when the heart affair has graduated into true love status, look out for the following signs. It is one thing to have a crush on someone who notices your interest and it is another thing to have a crush on someone who does not seem to notice you. Your crush is your soul mate if whenever your eyes meet, you can’t help but both smile. Another sign to look out for is whether you feel jealous or suspect the person you have a crush on. If you feel completely comfortable with the fact that he/she cannot hurt you, she/he might be your soul mate. After you move to the next level with your crush, the status of your relationship tells a lot. If for instance you have remained inseparable after bad and good times together, you are on your way to love and happiness. Untrue love is usually shaken by the problems.

Another group of signs to watch out for to know whether your crush is your soul mate might seem non romantic but they are realistic. Are there major dramas in your love life? If no you are lucky to have found the one person that will help you live a long life. Do external pressures affect your relationship? Pressures will always be there but if you know how to deal with them, you might be the perfect couple. Is your relationship violent? True lovers do not fight. They only disagree to agree. Sex or no sex does it matter? Sex in not love and love is not sex. Is there sacrifice or compromise in your relationship? Never compromise your values, principles or your personal growth for anything. Your soul mate should help you grow. Do your differences pull you together or apart? It is the differences that should help lovers to compliment each other. A crush might be a misleading or a guiding feeling. Watch out

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