2 thoughts on “What was the impact that Lord Byron had on the world back then and now.?

  1. Byron was a brilliant poet and a true Romantic, if lacking in personal morality (he was a notorious womanizer). He was definitely something of a rebel and very much an original thinker who detested convention. His poetry (‘Don Juan’ was his masterpiece) was incredibly lyrical and frequently satirical.

    Interestingly, he spent the last five years of his life fighting for Greek independence from Turkey. He died there and remains to this day a national hero to the Greek people. Although his body is buried in England, his heart is buried under a tree in Messolonghi, Greece. As I said, a true Romantic, even in death.

  2. Look at the Circle of friends the man Connected Shelly Browning Caligari Gothic and romantic writers even romance novelists are still affected by his work and life..

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