Esther shows you a routine to help to keep the neck flexible and release tensions.

25 thoughts on “YOGA FOR NECK PAIN.

  1. Good warm-up. Not much of a stretch though. It needs to go through that barrier or end-feel to really call it a stretch. This is more of a good pre-stretch warm-up.

  2. i got a problem, my neck is so stiff i can’t even put my chin to my chest without alot ofpain , got any tips?

  3. Thank you for another great video. I use your “yoga for stiff shoulders” exercises and they’re also great. Keep that camera rolling please. 🙂

  4. oh thank you so much, I woke up with terrible muscle strains and this helped a lot!

  5. i woke up with a stiff neck, yputubed this, and it may have saved my day!!!

  6. wow she does yoga very fast, i thought it was supposed to be slow lol

  7. whatallot of people dont know is that theres more to yoga than just the physical postures.Theres meditation and also self realization and wisdom.

  8. Esther you are so gorgeous, and your yoga has helped my muscles out alot. thank you! 😀

  9. I love you Esther. I feel so much better just after 5 minutes of your neck stretching and massaging. Chiropractor + Yoga = Epic Heal Win.

  10. @Thegrey12 That sounds like me yeah! i’m delighted you picked up on some Irish accent, about time after 10 years here 😉 The Dutch don’t shake their accent very easily, at least not me!

  11. @Aguywhomakesvids a few more times, with concentration. then comment. nothing comes at once.

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