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www.encognitive.com Meditation originated from Vedic Hinduism which is the oldest religion that professes meditation as a spiritual and religious practice. Evidence of the origins of meditation extends back to a time before recorded history. Archaeologists tell us the practice may have existed among the first Indian civilisations. Indian scriptures dating back 5000 years describe meditation techniques. From its ancient beginnings and over thousands of years, meditation has developed into a structured practice used today by millions of people worldwide of differing nationalities and religious beliefs.[9] Yoga (Devanagari योग) is one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy, focusing on meditation. In India, Yoga is seen as a means to both physiological and spiritual mastery. There are several types of meditation in Hinduism. Amongst these types are: * Vedanta, a form of Jnana Yoga. * Raja Yoga as outlined by Patanjali, which describes eight “limbs” of spiritual practices, half of which might be classified as meditation. Underlying them is the assumption that a yogi should still the fluctuations of his or her mind: Yoga cittavrrti nirodha. * Surat shabd yoga, or “sound and light meditation” * Japa Yoga, in which a mantra is repeated aloud or silently * Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion, in which the seeker is focused on an object of devotion, eg Krishna * Hatha Yoga, in which postures and meditations are aimed at raising the spiritual energy, known as Kundalini

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  1. I had thought that I am not good at meditation… and although I have not heard sounds…I have seen the colors and the tunnel and even once… met with the light very briefly. I was met with such feelings of love as I never known and an overwhelming feeling of non-judgment. I felt the presence of what I believe is my highest self but, there were others, loving me and welcoming me. I’d love to know that feeling again… I encouraged to meditate every day. thank you

  2. @murphyman12345 anytime you feel fear just surrender it to the source. let the source take care of it all while you carelessly watch the breath travel in and out of you

  3. drugs like lsd are what opened my eyes to the power of my mind and the life before and after life. meditation is pure and energizing, unlike drugs which drain you and exhaust your mind. does anyone else feel physical sensations often while meditating? i feel fast spinning and sometimes a little vibrating. sometimes a sharp pain in my stomach and sometimes in my big toe. i have heard that negative energy leaves through your big toe so that’s normal.

  4. @TheGreatCompassion drugs give you FALSE feelings , nice false feelings but they are just false mate , you cant bring drugs into meditation its just stupid and dont bother saying i know nothing about drugs because ive taken them for years and they dont mix with meditation , now im drug free i meditate daily , give up the drugs and try meditation, there is a difference , try it . i have.

  5. @Deofloyd Well, I agree. Maybe you guys should look into Timothy Leary, Terence Mckenna, or even look up shamanism. Psychedelic drugs are an excellent catalyst to spiritual endeavors. You guys must have never experienced a marijuana high, or a mushroom trip. Saying drugs are useless in meditation without having any scientific evidence or personal experience to back that up is just a baseless opinion. Beware of such opinions; they are the dust on your eyes. Good luck, soul searchers.

  6. do you really feel those things once you get that deep into a meditative state??

  7. You can say how much drugs are bad, and have an endless list on the bad effects.
    But for most people, you just need to find out for yourself.

    To be old and wise, you have to be young and stupid.

  8. @hydderlee
    I know! drugs will only f*** them up and they just want us to join them in the DARK SIDE…because clearly drugs just ruins your life. your whole life will revolve around these fake chemicals. your money, your life your family gets ruined. FEW are disiplined in their way of using drugs…NOW …who knows if they’ll get really hooked….or maybe get brain damaged. I don’t want to join you…no way!

  9. The people who are implying that drugs do only harm and are of no help in meditation or obtain higher understanding, are those who think they know all but in fact know very little, do not mind them for they are just acting out of their arrogance and naivity.

    While it is true that you don’t need drugs to help you in medication, and they’re certainly not recommended! (you already have everything you need), certain drugs, if used with respect can act as a gateway.

  10. Grphic images are impressive, but reality is different i have tried and attain that your soul and god has to grant the permission. not graphics. i feel it may be different with diferent souls, becouse every one is different. i has t be different to each and every one of the souls. what shown here in the graphics only a guide i feel and think , or i think and has to feel tomorrow, practisig what you hae thought me today . let me see . ANY WAY THANK YOU FOR ENLIGHTENING ME !!!

  11. I here amazing music when I’m falling asleep at night and when I concentrate on it the music becomes more elaborate and beautiful…it’s weird because I always forget about it like you do a dream….I even ignore it because I think i’m going crazy…guess I was just in a meditative state…I will stay with it and see what happens.

  12. @seethroughwalls Eer….but sir in the case it is like I’m dead if without breathing where oxygen don’t goes to my brain. But during that incident, I did know very well what were happening around. How can I get into the wake up mood normal like waking up in a sleep, which without knowing that you are breathing in your sleep?

  13. im 16 ive just started this i feel myself disconect but i have some fear of drifting off i can escape my thoughts quite easy its just letting myslef go into the state i understand i should accept it but i fear the unkown how can i get round it?

  14. How are you supposed to see all that with your third eye and be thoughtless??

  15. @emokid0042 this sounds like a dmt trip never tried it but read a book about the dmt experience. colors other realms outofbody tunnels seems very similar. Salvia is just to crazy to be enlightening in my opinion.

  16. i started dreaming when i tried this and i felt my whole body tingling.

  17. I have reach the stage where I felt no breathing and no heart beat. But I can feel the surrounding. I am so scared and I force myself to breath and woke. How to control this and wake up normally?

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