25 thoughts on “Switchblade Symphony – Wiccan Lullaby Lyrics

  1. This sounds nothing like Switchblade Symphony!! This isn’t Tina Root singing, surely.

  2. For the record this is not Switchblade Symphony. This is Enchantress-Gypsy who is from Salem MA.

  3. @chasysakura I could definitely help you. Do you have a myspace or facebook?

  4. I’m a goth and i love this song my wife sings this to our new born baby boy he sleeps to it ha a goth and a wiccan married what a combo but i love her and our child this song will for ever be good to me wiccans are wonderful <3

  5. @chasysakura if you would like help i can suggest many websites and books for you to read
    Welcome to Wicca
    Blessed be,
    Midnight x

  6. The same for me, actually. Just study and ask around. I’ve found books by Scott Cunningham to be helpful. : ) If you’d like to keep in touch, we can learn more together. Blessed be~

  7. i have a 6 month old daughter who loves this song it helps her sleep blessed be to you all X

  8. i am pagan and was blessed as a child, e-mail me if you need and tips or want to know anything about wicca all your questions will be welcome and i will do my best to help you learn more about the religion love and blessed be x

  9. i sing this to my baby cousin when i cant get her to go to sleep. i think she is going to be a wiccan just like me her older cousin. i have been singing wiccan lullabies to her since she was born

  10. Beautiful song. My baby loves it, he is teething and it really soothes him. The words are so true to me, I nearly cried because it makes me so thankfull to have two beautiful children. Blessed be to you all x

  11. I’m New to Wicca.
    Because My parents pushed me into being a christan. But i really could use some help with Understanding wicca more. Anyone want to help..? By the way, Beautiful song.

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