25 thoughts on “Deepak Chopra’s Introduction to Meditation – Part 1,1

  1. deepak chopra is a fraud who’s after your money. Learn some real meditation. This guy thinks he’s a guru.

  2. “Thank you for all of your help, I have been practicing everyday since – the last time I remember – it works wonders – Thank you again – I am very grateful”

  3. not really, if consciousness is real and you become one with the whole, then your consciousness is everywhere, atheist believe that your consciousness stops, complete opposite of each other. one is that you exist everywhere one day after you die, while other says that you exist nowhere after you die

  4. Yes, I find that letting things be as they are is best. When we try to meditate and focus we are investing energy on trying to do something. WE then lose the entire point which was to not try to do anything but SIMPLY BE! I can simply be when eating, waiting in line, bathing, and I find also when walking is a restful mental activity. WE use what we need to in order to walk safely, but much of the extra is gone—- we are in the present moment more.

  5. You never lose your identity by merging with the rest of you. – And you are not an illusion.

  6. That expression propably comes from thinking of reality on the left brain hemosphere seeing everything as individual. You can’t think of oneness with separatist standpoint. I’ve felt it once. It feels immensely good to be even a bit closer to the oneness state.

  7. the meditation, there is no point to this though. if i am an illusion and i get swallowed by the ‘whole’ in the end and loose my identity then that is really not different then an atheist dying. i dunno, somehow merging back to the ‘whole’ is jut a fancy way of saying your dead.

  8. We are not human beings on a Spiritual Journey, but rather spiritual beings on a Human Journey

  9. the best way is to listen to Juddu’s words first hand.
    Jiddu was the first teacher who put meditation into a no conflict zone.
    Trying to concentrate never brings awareness of the moment.

  10. All I’m saying is that you can reach that state of present moment awareness by simply letting everything be as it is. It can take a while to get there and can probably be speeded up with a technique like being aware of your breath. But from my experience the technique is not needed at a certain point, and thinking spontaenously ceases. Then you are awareness itself, which is dynamic and not fixed. So you could be aware of you breath for a while and then sounds, then something else.

  11. true meditation is actualy an attention to the present moment, all great teachers know that, but only Jiddu Krishnamurty put it so clearly. Obviously Deepak Chopra is repeating what is already said by the great teacher

  12. I dont know why dr deepak chopra started the conversation in such a negative gesture. as if he is bored. Maybe he is too over worked.

    He is a great speaker n meditator i guess.

  13. Meditation is so important! Remember Ram Bonjom, aka Palden Dorje who has been meditating in Nepal for over 4 years under a tree? Well, from November 18th to the 23rd, 2009 Palden Dorje will be giving blessings in Gadhi Mai. He plans this appearance in order to protest the sacrificing of tens of thousands of animals before they take place on the 24th at the Gadhi Mai Festival near Nijgad in Bara District. Please participate in any way you can. Tell all your friends!

  14. This is a common misconception. It’s not about control. Check out “True Meditation” by Adyashanti. The state of present-awareness, the natural state, cannot come about through control of the mind. It makes sense, the mind needs to quieten by itself, otherwise you’re just trying to quieten mind “with” mind. Awareness is dynamic, it’s spontaneously aware of different things arising. You can verify this. Lay down and let everything be as it is for as long as feels comfortable. Not when you’re tired

  15. This is so true, try it. It can take a while but if you lay down and you’re not tired the mind quietens and the natural state is revealed – that of awareness.

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