“The opponents of homeopathy, (and why it should have any is becoming more and more of a mystery) are saying that homeopathy is not evidence based medicine, when in fact, that’s all there is. How is it that anyone could believe that people would accept homeopathy as real based on nothing more than theory? There has been no theory for the action of homeopathics, it stands alone. The opponents of homeopathy speak of it as if we, the users, didn’t know how it’s made, which is completely counter intuitive to how most people think the world is put together. Who would think that by dilution in water it could have a biological effect on plants, animals and on human beings, not just biological effects, but psychological effects? Are the opponents of homeopathy really aware of the biological tests that have been done on it? Are they aware of the extensive biological tests that have been done on it? Do they know how many of these tests show the action of homeopathic substances? Read the Witt review of biochemical testing on homeopathics. The only people I see switching sides are skeptics, who as research scientists performed biological or biochemical testing on homeopathics and witnessed their action. The great French immunolgist Jacques Benveniste is an example of a scientist who was skeptical of homeopathy who had the courage to put it to the test, and when he reported his results, he was crucified. The evidence for homeopathy has been all there is to support it. It is an orphan


  1. I agree; homeopothies actually work. there is no evidence that they don’t work.

    Too bad the proverbial Cat is out of the Bag! lol!

    It also allowed the entire world to see the Mr. Randi “Million Dollar Man” offer too was complete crap when he was challenged on this very subject.

    He made excuses and finally dropped out when it became clear he could not control the results.

    Randi is the very charlatan he claims to assail.

  3. @teb0atoz Everything I’ve posted can be read online. Now take a look at your own assertions. I’m giving you the names of Nobel laureates you can Google, but what other than trying to impugn my character are you doing? Do you really think the position against homeoapthy is more credible because you lack an explanation for it? Read the literature. This is complex chemistry, not compound. Google Rustum Roy. If this was a delusion, the FDA wouldn’t regulate it.

  4. @Bandershot Sorry bu as most those sources are unvarifiable this is just a lot of what I am convienced is your babbling giberish. I know that molecoules/atoms do NOT leave any mark or interaction on a water molecule. But if Homeopathy was correct then every molecule of water would impart effect from every thing it has ever come in contact with.
    Homeopathy is just a way for someone, i.e.you, to delude people out of there money.
    have a nice day

  5. @teb0atoz Google “Interdiscip Sci Comput Life Sci (2009) 1: 81–90
    “Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences” by Luc MONTAGNIER, 2008 Nobel prize winner for Medicine! These are only a few who have ‘converted.”

  6. @teb0atoz “Simple-minded analysis suggests water, being a fluid, cannot have a structure homeopathy demands. But cases such as that of liquid crystals, which while flowing like an ordinary fluid can maintain an ordered structure over macroscopic distances, show the limitations of such ways of thinking. There have not, to the best of my knowledge, been any refutations of homeopathy that remain valid after this particular point is taken into account.” Brian Josephson, 1973 Nobel prize for physics

  7. @teb0atoz Google: “On the Structure of High Dilutions According to the Clathrate Model G.S. Anagnostatos, Institute of Nuclear Physics, National Center for Scientific Research, Attiki, Greece

  8. @teb0atoz “We measured 20-MHz R1 and R2 water proton NMR relaxation rates in ultrahigh dilutions (range 5.43·10−8 M–5.43·10−48 M) of histamine in water (Hist-W) and in saline (Hist-Sal), prepared by iterative centesimal dilutions under vigorous agitation in controlled atmospheric conditions. Unexpectedly, histamine dilutions remained distinguishable from solvents up to ultrahigh levels of dilution (beyond 10−20 in Hist-Sal)” Demangeat

  9. Homeopathy is snake oil. I can not pass valid scientific investigation, i.e. double blind testing. There is no validation.
    A lot of words do not justification for this claptrap.


  10. @MrKevlav This so-called 1 million$ Randi thing was what opened my eyes to research the hundreds of different modalities from frequencies and electricity to dozens of powerful herbs compounds stolen from tribes by pharma.

    Randi backed out on his “challenge” to homeopathy unless he could control the PLAYERS; made excuses to prevent his and pharma’s very black eye.

  11. @MrKevlav Since I hven’t heard anything more from you about your offer (maybe you were drunk when you made it) I am left with thehope that you will see the light about homeopathy for being the fantasticc medicine that it is.

  12. you have seemingly lost it sir. if you truly think that this insane rant makes your argument look compelling, you are sadly mistaken. Very professional.

  13. @skulptor Don’t you mean “diluting” patients? BTW, I have to approve your comments before they show.

  14. Yes lets junk the philosophical approaches which give you YOUTUBE to broadcast your mental problems on. If physical scientists follow the principals you espouse then we would still be in the Middle Ages (or a bit before). Imagine building machines which run contrary to physical laws ? Methinks you protest too much. Perhaps you could get more money on the stage rather than from deluded (or deluding) ‘patients’.

  15. @MrKevlav You’d pay to watch another human suffer? Hmm. Interesting you would mention malaria, as a homeopathic nosode of plasmodia is indeed being used in Arica as a prophylaxis for malaria . . so what you want me to do is currently being done successfully now on human beings. I’d love to take a trip to Africa, and would be happy to use homeopathic prophylaxis. I wouldn’t be the first. If you have more on this besides phony claims and abuse, let’s hear it . .

  16. On a less serious note fella your claim we cant prove homeopathy doesnt work Mr. Singh the top dog novella and god himself Randi would pull your pants down and shaft you at every angle possible I would love to debate all these facts but we all have real lives to be getting on with and I have a cold so am off to have a bath in your miracle potion. Please accept my offer cash is no problem my side and will go through with this offer. Stress AGAIN serious offer to prove you right cheerio lad.

  17. @Bandershot What does it matter who founded what, if the FDA has set a standard by which we can evaluate the efficacy of a therapy? If the test is a well designed and suitable one, then it only matters what passes it, not who designed it.

  18. @Bandershot Keeping the discussion on point: In science, everything is assumed to be placebo until proven otherwise. The FDA then, a govt agency, approximates this approach in the form of regulation. I think that’s a great concept.

  19. @rachelschmink The FDA? It was a homoepath who designed the FDA. (Google Copeland) How do you explain that? The entire practice of homeopathy was created out of observing the effects of animal, mineral and vegetable substances on human beings. So now who’s got it backwards? Listen, Rachel, I don’t think you’re stupid, I think you’re quite intelligent, and you’re admirably out front with this. I’m just waiting for some real skepticism from you to kick in . .

  20. @Bandershot Exactly: birth control pills are extensively studied and proven more effective than placebo before the FDA grants approval. (And if, by some anomaly, that hasn’t been the case, it ought to be!)

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