Roy Orbison – In Dreams (Black & White Night) A candy-colored clown they call the sandman Tiptoes to my room every night Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper: “Go to sleep, everything is all right” I close my eyes Then I drift away Into the magic night I softly sway Oh smile and pray Like dreamers do Then I fall asleep To dream my dreams of you In dreams . . . I walk with you In dreams . . . I talk to you In dreams . . . you’re mine all the time We’re together In dreams . . . in dreams But just before the dawn I awake and find you gone I can’t help it . . . I can’t help it If I cry I remember That you said goodbye To end all these things And I’ll be happy in my dreams Only in dreams In beautiful dreams

25 thoughts on “Roy Orbison – In Dreams (Black & White Night)

  1. @ITILII
    If you’ll do a little research, you’ll find that Elvis said he can’t sing, compared to Roy Orbison. That was Elvis’ opinion of himself. Said he would never follow Roy on stage, because it would be so obvious who the best singer was.
    I’ll give you that Elvis was a better on-stage performer, or entertainer.

  2. @steveschnee I dont get it….. I hear the strings, Jennifer Warnes, KD Lang and Bonnie Raitt just fine……

  3. elvis costello and bruce springsteen sitting at the feet of a master craftsman

  4. @Vesters1 As great as the song is, the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear it is Dennis Hopper beating the crap out of Kyle MacLachlan in a lumber yard. But, in my defense, Mr. Orbison was impressed with how it turned out, despite his refusing David Lynch’s request to use it in the movie.

  5. If a candy-colored clown was tip-toeing into my room every night I think that would freak me out and I’d call the cops. And even if he was a friend and was whispering, I think it would just get annoying.

  6. never repeats a line and goes up and up ,broke all the rules fantastic what more can one say ,,he der man

  7. I kinda like the strings and backup vocals being mixed way down. It highlights Roy’s astounding voice

  8. Great performance, but it’s kind of a bummer that the strings are inaudible in the mix.

  9. @ITILII Elvis worshipped Roy Orbison. He called Roy “the greatest singer in the world.”

  10. “Say your prayers” is a common parental instruction amongst english speaking christians to their children at bedtime. It sort of rules out your “sail” idea if you connect the subject line to Roy’s next line, which most certainly was his intention.

  11. @mrbriscoe2001

    You got THAT right! I don’t think I’ve ever heard another singer in my whole life who could build up to that incredible pitch… just the way he did it… the notes he reached… everything. His voice was like a priceless work of art or something. You just can’t put a value on something so incredibly beautiful. Utterly indescribable and beyond compare!

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