25 thoughts on “Crystalline Rainbow Reiki Healing Transmissions

  1. I’m sorry but are you telling me you can heal people. Like my man J.Christ ??That is AMAZING !!!!
    Of course you would be up for participating in a scientific test, to further verify your claims…..

  2. No, just providing a helpful warning. Is telling you some guy’s a louse just trying to get your money negativity? Is telling you to lock you car doors in the city negativity? Nope, just helpful advice for those who lack basic common sense. A spiritual teacher offers his/her knowledge to those with eyes to see and ears to hear; charlatans are only after your money.

  3. Humm, this coming from a guy whos name is senor prozac. You really need to shut the hell up. If you don’t like it, get the hell out, your comments are NOT welcome here!!

  4. So is this your way of saving the masses?? Why do you feel like you need to make a negative comment. We are here, because we want to be. YOU, on the other hand are just here to say shit. Go somewhere else! Your comments are not needed NOR wanted.

  5. I just want to say thank you Bill for all you do!! You have helped me tremendously. I highly recommend you to my family and friends. I was at a really low point until I ran across your healings and they have made a huge difference in my life! It was near the very beginning of a wonderful spiritual journey and now I even decided to learn Reiki healing and will have my Reiki Master certificate within the next few days. 🙂 Namaste

  6. so dont go to his website and use what is free here on youtube…if its such a big problem. who needs a dna activation anyway you can do that all yourself.

  7. so dont go to his website and use what is free here on youtube…if its such a big problem. who needs a dna activation anyway you can do that all yourself.

  8. Surgeons actually perform a valuable and often life saving service. This guy is just a two bit con offering spiritual snake oil. I really hope you’re not such an idiot that you don’t see the difference.

  9. Why do you have a problem with him earning a living? Did you know how much surgeons make per surgery? And they wont do a surgery (and save someone’s life) unless you pay first? All they want is the money, and if you cant pay, too fricken bad…what about them? Do you see how ridiculous your argument is? EVERYONE has a right to charge for whatever it is they do for a living. Bill doesn’t NEED your money!!

  10. The man’s a two bit crook and I find it hard to believe you’d buy into this crap unless you’re a friend or an accomplice. Thank God he’s not as smart and fiendish as L Ron Hubbard.

  11. Yes he charges $2400 for his course, but I “SAY” is that he is offering a service god for him i hope he earns enough to live his spiritual life style, so i SAID this guy is good
    i mean he has nice energies to enlighten peole, Go BILL

  12. He’s not trying to make an honest living, he’s scamming people just like Scientology. The man owns a website that sells levels of “DNA Activation.” This guy is a crook.

  13. Does he charge $2400 how where
    for what?

    well if so then he is just making a honest living, if you dont want the product then dont buy

  14. What does that have to do with paying this man $2,400??? If you’re paying to meditate, you’re doin’ it wrong.

  15. when the sexual energy settles with one pointed meditation it rises through the spinal chord into the brain and is used as a subtle energy to charge the brain with psychic energy, the sexual energy is the rare most people on the planet these days indulge in wasting it, its their choice but the path to Unlimited Bliss is kundalini, any path you choose Tibetan Buddhism, Gnostic Christianity, Zen, there are numberless paths out there but the most known are best to trust

  16. well try practice celebacy and meditation for 2-3 years, the sexual energy has to be conserved to the point it becomes a comforting energy felt within the body when it becomes strong enough you will feel it, its called chi and can increase the bodies life force incredibly further, are you aware of this ?, my meditations are becoming incredible my mind is smoother and i have a light feeling of bliss around a aura within my body its real i mean its real

  17. There’s a lot of ways to get those feelings without paying some two bit scammer thousands of dollars.

  18. Thank you but i actually felt the energy in my heart chakra its a feeling not a thought

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