Dylan Thomas — Ceremony After A Fire Raid

Dylan Thomas — Ceremony After A Fire Raid I Myselves The grievers Grieve Among the street burned to tireless death A child of a few hours With its kneading mouth Charred on the black breast of the grave The mother dug, and its arms full of fires. Begin With singing Sing Darkness kindled back into beginning When the caught tongue nodded blind, A star was broken Into the centuries of the child Myselves grieve now, and miracles cannot atone. Forgive Us forgive Us Your death that myselves the believers May hold it in a great flood Till the blood shall spurt, And the dust shall sing like a bird As the grains blow, as your death grows, through our heart. Crying Your dying Cry, Child beyond cockcrow, by the fire-dwarfed Street we chant the flying sea In the body bereft. Love is the last light spoken. Oh Seed of sons in the loin of the black husk left. II I know not whether Adam or Eve, the adorned holy bullock Or the white ewe lamb Or the chosen virgin Laid in her snow On the altar of London, Was the first to die In the cinder of the little skull, O bride and bride groom O Adam and Eve together Lying in the lull Under the sad breast of the headstone White as the skeleton Of the garden of Eden. I know the legend Of Adam and Eve is never for a second Silent in my service Over the dead infants Over the one Child who was priest and servants, Word, singers, and tongue In the cinder of the little skull, Who was the serpents Night fall and the fruit like a sun, Man and woman undone

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