Has anyone ever heard of an SI joint belt?

I have problems with my sacroiliac joint. I have done injections, epidurals, physical therapy, yoga, & pilates. I have recently saw these online. I’m curious about how effective it is & if it’s worth the money.

1 thought on “Has anyone ever heard of an SI joint belt?

  1. I am a nurse and recently started to suffer SI joint pain. I have been going to PT for about 3 months now and have had little relief. I consulted some of my nursing buddies, one of them is married to a chiropractor. Both of them wear the SI joint belt and absolutely rave about it. I am going to see my friend’s husband next week to get one myself. I pray that it works as well for me as they say it has for them. I haven’t heard much negative about them from others yet either. When I get mine, I will try and repost to give more subjective feedback.

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