4 thoughts on “How do you pronounce this name?

  1. alfons (stress on the second syllable) maria mooka (stress on the first syllable)

    mucha CAN be pronounced as mooka. it depends on the name’s origin. if it’s Italian, then yes…like many other Mediterranean languages/dialects, like Maltese. it’s definitely not “ch” as in chair. in Spanish it could also be pronounced like a gargle. like when you say “YECH that smells awful!”

  2. Mucha is NOT Mooka. The CH sound does not exist in English, which is why it usually gets b******ized into a CK or DSH sound. Neither are true.

    It’s a CH that forms in the back of your throat, impossible to spell phonetically.

    EDIT: Mucha was Czech.

  3. L-fonz MAreeuh Moocha

    The first name is the Americanized name for the hispanic name Alfonso, so dont worry about that one. Maria is a common name you should have already heard by now .

    Or AM for short

    the last name in here has the cha sound you would have in Lucha Libre or in chinese but with an a not the I. Think of chabada or chalupa or all those crazy Taco Bell or Del Taco menu food.

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