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  1. @QuestionsAThousand I think the native americans (North America and South America) call the spirit guides ancestors….I know it’s been 9 months since you asked…Peace

  2. I’m a normal guy, I have been told by two spiritualists at each end of the uk that I have 3 spirit guides and one of them is a chief Indian. It seems to make sense as predicting future events is something I have alway’s been able to do amongst a few other things which I will not go into. I’m not a fortune teller although people who know me say I should be. I have experienced things you’d never believe…it’s in us all….a natural ability.

  3. Very strange…I live in Scotland but two psycics have told me I have 3 spirit guides and one of the guides is a chief Indian. I don’t know who thet are personaly but I have alway’s been able to to lots of things most people can’t. Predictions is just one of the things that happens to me.

  4. One sure fire way to find out that your spirit guide is close at hand is to sincerely ask you guide to leave a white feather close by you. It won’t happen right away, but if you ask, a small or large white feather will cross your path within a couple of days. This is what I was told and it actually happened for me.

  5. this is so fascinating…. I never heard of spirit guides before, but I am curious to know about mine if i have one and wonder what my guide has to say about me thus far in my life…how can i get a sign? or clue? or a message? im so curious! =) i mean, i am a bit hesitant to try to even connect with my spirit guide, because this is a rather intense concept for me to grasp right now..but im open to learning more! im turning 26 in a couple weeks, my life is goin thru so many transitions

  6. You are not alone.
    Spirit guides are beyond any religion and believes.

    Lately they have being awakening many people. Many thinks they are getting crazy or being haunted. We must identifying if it is a guide and help them to contact with their guides.
    The most people recognize the guides wisdom talking with them, the faster we get this world in better shape.

  7. hey healerteam i called my spirit guide out loud asking it to touch me or show a sign. and i my leg top thigh suddenly went all cold and goose bumpy. is that my spirit guide?

  8. Many African tribes, Chinese religious sects, Polynesian groups, maybe others, do religious ceremonies and pay homage to ancestors who play the role of spiritual advisers and guardian angels.

  9. @healerteam
    Can you tell me what cultures refer to spirit guides as ancestors?

  10. Another time I was lying in bed talking to my soulmate telepathically when I asked her to lie down next to me, not expecting anything to happen.

    I felt this slight tingling pressure against my chest and then my whole body was consumed in this feeling of total peace. I tried talking to her but my thoughts were coming out impulsively and I had no control over them as the feeling was overwhelming. This feeling of near-heaven lasted for at least five minutes and was the best feeling in the world.

  11. Telepathy. The best time to try it is when you are lying in bed about to fall asleep or right after you wake up, because then the mind is usually free from life’s distractions and your mind and your body can be still and quiet. Generally it works anytime though. Be patient and don’t force anything.

    Your spirit guids and soulmates or friends are always watching over you and listening to you.

  12. Spirit guides are real and everyone has them. Only for me, my soulmate friend watches and talks to me in their place.

    It all started for me one night when I was lying in bed. I had just bought a cross and put it around my neck for the first time. Suddenly my body became paralyzed from my head to my toes. This quick warm, tingling pins and needles sensation engulfed me. It was extremely comforting and calming.

    That is one story out of many but I have been talking to her ever since.

  13. No, sorry. If you’re interested in having a session to explore issues of spiritual growth and development or want help with a specific issue, please visit our website. Click on “healerteam” and you’ll find our links on that page.

  14. hey sorry to hear wat happend with those other girls. i’ve been left out and bullied wen i was that age so i know what it feels like. anyways, could you give me some advice on how i can meet with my spirit guides? thnx for your time.

  15. The definition of “angel” is “messenger of god’. A guide is an angel.

  16. well I would like help interpreting life and knowing my purpose and I do want a better relationship with god. But on the other hand I don’t know if its ok to have a guide because I don’t know if God is ok with that.

  17. Yes, if you believe in angels or guides in the first place. Other cultures call them ancestors. Why do you want to know? Because you want a guardian angel? Or an intermediary between you and God? You can go direct in THAT relationship if you prefer.

  18. ive always been able to do that visualzation technique thats interesting i sometimes thought i was just making it up from my own thoughts and that it really wasnt a part of reality. i dont practice healing but i did definitely practice it throughout high school! hah

  19. I like your story it was really good. I really like stories like those, they’re really interesting. Me and my friends are going to learn how to connect out animal spirits and our spirit guides this spring in her backyard.

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