My Wiccan/Pagan Altar

This is my altar dedicated to the art of the craft, viewed in day light and in candle illumination. The music accompanying this video is Inkubus Sukkubus – Heartbeat Of The Earth. Alot of items on here were bought from a highly recommended site for all your witchy needs.

26 thoughts on “My Wiccan/Pagan Altar

  1. I’m sure I would have a pretty nice altar if I could afford the things for one. Not to mention i’m a closest pagan. My family and friends don’t know I am one.

  2. Wow, you have a wonderful altar, it’s far more impressive than mine is! 😉 I love Inkubus Sukkubus, their one of my favorite bands! Blessings. )O(

  3. I love your books! Wow!
    And your Altar looks wowerz!
    Bright Blessings!

  4. hi every one just to say that this is my new youtube site because i had problems with the computer and it wiped down everything

  5. I mean like, a regular quarts crystal… Right now i have it sitting on top of my pentigram…. But where would you put it?

  6. Which cryslal are you referring to, do you mean the crystal ball if so you can put it where ever you want and when you’ve finished with it wrap it in silk and put it some where safe until you need it again.

  7. what a lovely altar. I like your collection of herbs and oils and your music.

  8. Yeah i see where you are coming from, everyone has a different idea when it comes to making thier altar individual and personal to them. As Im a Hedge Witch I dont put too much emphasis on the God and Goddess aspect, Im more into the natural elemental forces that surround us. I dont feel the need to humanise the spirit of nature. Although I do have a cauldron that in a way represents the Goddess and an antler for the God. Thankyou for your comments and expressing an interest in my altar set up.

  9. Ah, now it completely makes sense! 🙂 I found it strange in the beginning cause I’m used to an altar setup with the 2 candles representing the God and Goddess but I totally see it now 🙂 it’s actually a very nice idea.


  10. Cheers mate I do like to listen to some floaty chillout music while mixing up some potions.

  11. I dont have an orange candle what might be going on here is bad representation of the yellow coloured candle due to lighting and video quality. The coloured candles I do have on my altar are the four watchtower candles (green-earth, yellow-air , red- fire, blue-water) also a white tea light candle to represent the spirit. I also have two black candles for clearing negativity and a couple of hand made ones, the red one which was made by a dear friend and pear shaped one that smells of vanilla.

  12. I love how you’ve incorporated the Sony speakers – wicca, wicca, wicked…

  13. Absolutely wonderful… that collection of herbs and oils made me go crazy 🙂
    I just got a question; why an orange candle to represent the Goddess? All sources I’ve read told me any warm color as yellow, orange or even golden are of the God and that the most proper color for the Goddess’ candle would be something like green, silver… maybe you got some special reason, I’m just wondering 🙂

    Again, you got an amazingly beautiful altar there, it looks stunning by candlelight!


  14. WOW ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. This is the most beautiful altar that I have ever seen. Congrats. You have everything. WOW, you took my breath away.

  15. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Congrats. This is the most beautiful Altar I have ever seen, you have everything. WOW AMAZING.

  16. WOW ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. I salute you. This is the most beautiful Altar I have ever seen, you have everything. Totally love it. Congrats to you. Blessed Be.

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