What are the pagan origins of the Swastika?

I was wondering what the pagan origins what the swastika were prior to Hitler’s use of it for the emblem of the Nazi party. From my understanding it was not even European in origin, am I right?

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  1. im pretty sure it was a buddhist or hindi peace symbol then hitler flipped it a few degrees and you have the swasticka

  2. In Scandinavia it was known as the fylfot.

    The Fylfot (meaning “four footed”) is a very old power symbol, appears nearly world wide in some form. There are thousands of variants of this mighty symbol in the Germanic Heathen tradition and is commonly swirling in both clockwise and counterclockwise forms without any change in meaning.

    Associated with fire and lightning, the Fylfot is particularly holy to Thor, and is a potent symbol of dynamic cosmic power, and unstoppable swirling strength of the will, invoking his might & protection. This motif occurs frequently throughout the lands of the wide ranging Teutons since the early Bronze Age and are prominent on cremation urns and carved memorial grave stones with early Runic inscriptions, seeking Thor’s protection in the afterlife.

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