What kind of kinesiology should i take?

I want to take kinesiology in college and they have a couple options…General kinesiology, adapted physical education, coaching and sport preformance, fitness and health promotion, and sports management. What i’d like to do eventually is help train professional sports teams (on and off season). Which would be best do you think?

3 thoughts on “What kind of kinesiology should i take?

  1. You should ask your counsellor (spelling) and ask them about it, they should know best.

  2. Can you only take one of them? I’d start with the general one and then specialize.

  3. If you want to train, I would try to find a Kins program that offers a concentration in exercise science/exercise physio. Also get your Stength and Conditioning Certification. You can read more info about that on http://www.nsca-cc.org/. (You need a degree before you can do this).

    If you are more into the injury part of the training…like preventing and treating injuries, go with the Athletic Training concentration. If you want more info about this field use this website: http://www.nata.org/

    Do your research though. Get to know and talk to the Kins advisors. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask early in your college career so you do not get behind in your classes.

    Good Luck!

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