Healing herbs, and stones etc…magickal things?

What are your favorite healing herbs, stones, and talisman etc.to use…or make..and which ones work best for you?

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  1. I love picture jasper. Close your eyes and put the stone on your palm. Stone is supposed to be cold right? Close your hand around the jasper and it has the warmth of a living thing. You can feel the warmth filling your heart. And NO i am NOT crazy. I am a scientist by profession, but I keep my mind open to the things that can not be explained by science.

  2. I like Agates. Different colors do different things, but being that they are all the same type of stone, just different color, I find they harmonize together better. I also use a raw Amethyst under my pillow to prevent nightmares. Just leave it in the window so it gathers up the energy from the sun, and put it under the pillow at night.

    Edit: Please don’t spell it “Magickal” its just magical. No k needed

  3. I will use rosemary in nearly everything. Of course salt is handy. My favorite stone is turquoise. I utilize a variety of blessing signs and symbols in my work. Whatever speaks to your subconscious the best is what you should use.

  4. Aloe Vera, lemon grass…… i love all herbs. i carried a grain of corn with me to remind me to be humble, some of the most powerful nations have been built on this humble seed.

  5. Herbs I use are varied as I have a cabinet full.I use vervain boiled down for 30 minutes and use the botanicals in a bath and pour over my sky clad self for protection and good luck, also drinking the tea, dandelion I use for respiratory ailments,I use a combination of mugwort and a small amt of wormwood in wine before bed to aid in spiritual work.I use my lavender and lemon balm in my sleep mask. and add a few drops to refresh as needed.I spread nettle around the house for protection. I use High John the conqueror root wrapped in a dollar and anoint it to refresh it when needed to attract prosperity. For talismans I use bells on my feet and dance and raise my energy.Witches taper(mulleins nickname)One of Hecates holiest plants provides protection to witches,Dip stalk in wax and and allow wax to harden.Burn and carry for protection

  6. I love clear quartz and smokey quartz. Green obsidian added in healing. Rainbow obsidian to keep me on the straight line.

    White sage burnt for cleansing. I’ve also made a smudge stick from Eucalyptus leaves, as they are natives in australia mand resonate well.

    I like to hang bells and chimes around, they help keep my thoughts clear, I add any crystals I’m attracted to with them, along with feathers I find.

  7. White sage: for purification, protection, and getting rid of any kind of negativity.
    Honeysuckle flowers: for wealth and prosperity
    And amber is my favorite stone (though techincally I don’t think it’s a stone), and it good for a lot of things.

  8. Salt…salt…salt everywhere.

    I use hematite to keep myself grounded and moonstone for calming/intuition. I carry a small bag with various crystals and herbs and other personal items in my car for protection.

    One of my favorite stones is a lithium crystal that I was given as a gift to help with depression and calming. It works and I’m not even going to try to explain how or why.

    I also have small bells hanging by doors to clear the air and some “holey stones” I got in Ireland and England for protection that I hang near windows.

  9. Magnetic ring + bracelet worn daily, not while sleeping. Garnet, clear quartz, smokey quartz as pendulum, and Hematite in the form of the Runes. The scent of Rose Absolute is heavenly and Patchouli is nice too, Birch does the trick on a sore spot, and Eucalyptus for clear breathing.

  10. i love all herbs and all the stones but my favourite are diamonds, emeralds, garnets and tourmaline.

  11. the nice thing about being an Herbalist AND a Green Witch is knowing that I have a medicine cabinet fully stocked with ALL sorts of herbs. Herbs can be used, internally and externally as medicines, in the form of powders, Teas, tinctures, poultices, ointments, pads, cremes, salves and other ways as direct application to combat illnesses and injuries. The Green Witch side also allows me ALL of the Magickal uses of those same herbs. The herbs with the widest array of healing abilities for ME have been, Yarrow (milfoil), Cinquefoil, dandelion, nettle, jewelweed, and burdock.

    As far a stones are concerned, I have foung the manyh forms of quartz to be the most beneficial in lending their enrgies to my workings along with Hematite, Bloodstone, Turquoise, and Lapis.

    Woods would be Elder, Apple, Oak, Maple, Ash and, of course, not to forget White and Red Cedar.

    Brightest Blessings,
    Raji the Green Witch

  12. I make my own kinnikinnik for offerings made from tobacco, cedar, mullein, bearberry and other plants. I use sage to cleanse away negativity and cedar and sweet grass to promote blessings and positive energy.

    I resonate with moonstone, hemitite, amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, carnelian and lapis lazuli and use them depending on the situation.

    I make my own rune stones out of pebbles found along the beaches of the Great Lakes. I love making protective medicine bags out of leather, feathers, bone and stones and fill them with the kinnikinnik I make.

  13. I like burrning sage, cinnamon, ginger. My favorite stones are tigers eye, howlite, and hematite. I just got a lapis and I am feeling it out, I also got a sodalite. I am excited for what they will bring. I also got rose quartz, i have those at my bedside.

  14. I have about 60 different herbs in my herbal cabinet right now — but some of my favorites are mugwort, dragon’s blood (to amplify other herbs) and frankincense and myrrh for rituals and meditation. It’s difficult to pick favorites, though…and of course it depends on the magickal work that I am preparing to decide which herbs will be used. Also, as has been mentioned sea salt is a must for holy water to sprinkle around the sacred circle.

    My favorite stones are quartz crystal because of its wide array of uses — and turquoise for some unexplained attraction I have. My totem animal is the owl, so I have several (including my Pentacle of Lilith that I wear *always*; She is my patron Goddess).

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