Homeopathy Vithoulkas – Arnica materia medica PART 1

International Homeopathy teacher George Vithoulkas, talks about the homeopathic remedy Arnica (materia medica & homeopathic essence) during one of his homeopathy courses at Alonissos. In addition, Prof Vithoulkas describes some interesting Arnica cases he has encountered in his homeopathic practice, and discusses the incorrect use of the remedy for unimportant injuries and issues. This is PART 1 of the Arnica lecture, on www.vithoulkas.com and Google you can find the full video.

4 thoughts on “Homeopathy Vithoulkas – Arnica materia medica PART 1

  1. what a generous offering for anyone who is in pain, GV is a great individual…living history,,,thank you

  2. I only know about this remedy that it is also used before and for operations/surgeries and that it works. Nowadays even more and more clinical doctors at several places know about that and appreciate to work with, while not too long ago putting it as a redicoulous matter.

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