How to Make Herbal Tinctures How to make herbal tinctures. This is an herbal tincture recipe using Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis). Valerian tincture is a calming herb and a good herbal insomnia remedy. Valerian root tincture is also a good home herbal remedy for anxiety. Making a tincture is a great way of preserving these medicinal constituents since tinctures will last on your shelf for several years. Tinctures are also a very convenient way of getting herbs into our systems. This recipe uses dried bulk oranic herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs.

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  1. I don’t want to say my insomnia is severe it’s not quite moderate either… ^^ Valerian doesn’t always help me but it gets the job done most the time.

  2. I am making an echinecea tincture with 100 proof vodka. I am about 3 week in and there is a white substance secreting from the root. I have read little about it. I have only seen one site claiming this is natural and safe to consume. Is this true? What is this stuff? Thanks for your time!

  3. @LuminousPath13 I used a mason jar for mine I made today, works well for me and stores up in the cabinet (It is a pint too like in this video).

    For those who don’t want to use alcohol and want to use the tincture within a year Apple Cider Vinegar will work as well! It only stores for a year (Mainly in the fridge) but it will work as well. Alcohol is the best for getting the most out of the herb though.

  4. With the Folk method of filling the jar half way, does that work for any sized jar? because I have a lot of empty jars, but I don’t know how big the jars are. Also, how do i learn about different herbs and what tinctures do what?? Thanks!

  5. I’m not really sure….but what are tinctures used for?? and if i don’t drink alcohol period is there something else i can use?

  6. @YoursTruelyMe2
    Thanks for checking out our videos! Most plant constituents are alcohol soluble, making alcohol of 40% or more the ideal solvent for most herbs. However, some herbs extract well in glycerin too, it really just depends on the herb. If you are avoiding alcohol, you should definitely experiment with other solvents like glycerin, oils, and water to see what yields the best medicine for you.
    Thank you for the great question!
    Herbal cheers,

  7. I have read that Glycerol roducts made using innovative extraction technologies are showing great promise, some even rivaling alcohol tinctures on many points. Does anyone know if there is any truth in this? thankyou

  8. Can you use a simple mason jar or jam jar for tincturing? I have a bunch of those around the house.

  9. @udsweetness with clove and blackwalnut you can make it as stong as you feel is needed but be careful with wormwood overdosing can lead to seisures

  10. I want to make a tincture with clove, black walnut, and wormwood.. I have clove and black walnut powder on hand.. is it possible to make a tincture using these? how much of each herb do you use to make it??

  11. I want to make a tincture with clove, black walnut, and wormwood.. I have clove and black walnut powder on hand.. is it possible to make a tincture using these? how much of each herb do you use to make it??

  12. you did everything right except you blend the herb and alcohol in a blender to extract more of the medicinal properties out of it

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  16. not quite as effective but better because you dont have to smoke it

  17. Is it possible to make tinctures using psychedelic herbs and extracts such as Salvia Divinorum (most common example) or would doing so diminish the psychoactive effects of the plant or would it increase it ?

    I want a large variety of tinctures, including psychedelics for medicinal purposes. Plus, to have a collection of multiple tinctures could come in handy at any given time.

  18. Hello,
    I would recommend making 3 separate tinctures, rather than mixing the herbs together for the extraction. This will help you control the strength and dose of each herb.
    Herbal cheers!

  19. Hi, Love your site!!!! i was wondering is it safe to mix Dandelion, Juniper Berry and Milk Thistle in a tincture?

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