6 thoughts on “What would you consider the best Wiccan and/or Pagan calendar available for purchase? and why?

  1. The only Wiccan/Pagan calendar I’m aware of is published by Llewellyn. Don’t go with Llewellyn; go with one of the ones the answerers below me have chosen. Llewellyn just has terrible products.

  2. I believe there are many different types of Calenders in WHSmith, though they are rather expensive for just calenders they will most likely have all teh things that you want.

  3. I just got my new one in. I LOVE them and have been buying them for quite some time. It’s called “Seasons of the Witch” wall calendar (published by 7th House) and you can get them from Amazon.com. They run about $19.95 and show the moon phases, sabbats, Void of Course days, tells you when it’s Mercury Retrograde, which days are the best for which type of spells and lots more. Love it.

    Much better than Llewellyn’s version.

    (Sorry Llewellyn)

  4. You won’t get much help from Christians, like myself (Catholic Christian) even if that person did know.

  5. I like Gardening calendars, with planting times and suggestions. These aren’t strictly pagan.

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