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  1. This is the best video I’ve seen on homeopathy to date. I’m going to send it to as many people as I can. Lisa is very convincing as a narrator and sounds very reputable. The right approach was made: drugs are not making us well, we have never been sicker as a nation.

  2. It must be nice to be so niave. Homeopathy does not work. Why do you fakes and frauds continue to peddle this snake oil. THERE IS NOT CLINCIAL TRIALS TO SUBSTIANTIAT this pile of ………

  3. a question:
    what of the homeopathic contents of the water BEFORE it is successed? in delivery to the point of use in a laboratory (even if steam distilled) water would accumulate some amount of contamination on the order of dilutions commonly seen in homeopathy, due to it’s highly polar molecular nature.

  4. @treatwithnature well, except for antibiotics. and antivirals. and antiarrhythmics. and antihistamines. and synthetic heparins. and synthetic T4. and thiazolidinediones. and sulfonylureas. and protamine sulfate. and allopurinol. and methotrexate.
    seriously, the list goes on (and it’s a long list). homeopathy doesn’t really treat the cause itself, either – by treating like with like, you’re merely (supposedly) augmenting the body’s immune system to fight the disease itself.

  5. I know from experience the power of homeopathy. Both in my personal life and in my doctor’s practice.
    beyourowndoc Bill Tallmon

  6. Hpathy has proven over the past 100 yrs that it is more successful than conv vac in averting epidemics of flu, thypoid, cholera, yellow & scarlet fever. Hospital records show death rates in hpthy hospitals were 1/4 of death rates for conv hospital treatment.

    Researchers have recently noted and it has been widely reported in the media that conv vaccines for flu and swine flu are not shown to be safe and effective.

  7. (1 of 2)

    Re vaccines, homeopathic immunization (homeoprophylaxis) was proven to be overwhelmingly successful in averting an epidemic of leptospirosis among 2 1/2 million Cubans during 2007-8. Compared to Cuba’s previous use of conv vac, homeopathy brought infects down from the 1,000’s to 10 or fewer per month. It dropped the death rate from 100+ to zero. Anyone wanting information on this can google homeopathy Cuba leptospirosis.

  8. Great video – it speaks to the fact that western meds only treat the symptoms, never the cause.

  9. @magertrude – Are you honestly saying that you doubt that vaccines have saved enormous numbers of lives? Are you completely unaware of the toll that measles, mumps, rubella, polio, malaria, whooping cough, etc. etc. etc. have taken on the world’s populations?

  10. @magertrude – Double-blind studies are done on vaccines all the time. In some cases, they aren’t done for ethical reasons. What is homeopathy’s excuse?

  11. @Daytimeofnight Well, about vaccines? There are no (zero) double blind studies that demonstrate the long term safety or efficacy of any vaccine and yet the public is constantly told that massive numbers of people would have died if it weren’t for vaccines. Here is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  12. @reallyordinary No, the law of similars was actually elucidated by the father of medicine, Hippocrates. You should study up on something before you start pontificating. Also, if you haven’t studied homeopathy for at least a few years, you don’t know enough about it to make any real contribution to the discussion. Parroting some biased, poorly designed research doesn’t not make you an expert.

  13. Thanks for posting Dr Samet. Don’t pay any attention to the clergymen of the religion of “Science”. Unbiased science will eventually vindicate Homeopathy. Arthur Schopenhaur once said,” All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”. We are just ahead of the curve.

  14. homeopathy only works on 1 person case, depending on their symptoms, You can’t take ppl with say the flu like symptoms in a room and give them all the same remedy b/c it goes by individual symptoms, like this one prefers cold air, and this one prefers cold drinks and that one has a deep cough and that one has a croupy cough, it’s different symptoms that make u choose different remedies.

    the video was nice I shared it with my friends and family!

  15. @VCraigBell Check out the book “Beyone Flat Earth Medicine” online

  16. @drjonritz As a homeopathic vet, I can say, without a doubt, that serious diseases respond to homeopathy very well. I recently cured a case of canine distemper, a viral disease that’s usually fatal, and that there are no drugs for. Clearly, in the animal world, belief has *nothing* to do with it. The animal either gets better, or not. If not, a careful read of the symptoms leads to the next remedy. It’s not easy, but it’s extremely rewarding! *Animals have no placebo response.*

  17. @Fordi Maybe you’d be interested in watching: “Top Secret Water 2005” and “Water: The Great Mystery” I encourage you to look up and reference the interviewees. These are very exciting videos!

  18. @reallyordinary Today there are many ways of “succussion.” Some labs use shine a kind of laser light on each dilution. Many labs use robots to perform the succussions, so as to remove the human element. But, in every case, succussion is integral to the medicine making process. Materials scientists believe this is due to the water’s ability to develop a structure.

  19. @kngdavid01 It works on animals as well, who don’t even know they’re being treated. How do you explain the placebo effect there? Also, there in fact are many controlled trials that show that homeopathy, when prescribed correctly, outperforms placebo. water “Top Secret Water 2005” and “Water: the Great Mystery” on youtube. I think you’ll be fascinated!

  20. @reallyordinary The first proving of a homeopathic remedy was on Cinchona Bark. It contains Quinine. When taken in toxic amounts, it is found to produce symptoms very similar to malaria. This is why it works. Doctors were using it long before they realized they were employing the law of similars: something Hippocrates first described.

  21. Has anyone here watched the youtube video: “Top Secret Water 2005”? or the video “Water: the Great Mystery?” I think they will help answer a lot of questions.

  22. Fantastic video. Thanks for posting. There is actually a wealth of research trials that show the effectiveness of homeopathy in double blind clinical trials. See DiscoverHomeopathy (dot com) …..newsletter for examples

  23. I would certainly try homeopathy if someone could give me a homeopathic remedy that treats the irrational belief that plain water has memory properties and is anything more than a placebo.

  24. @homeomd Vaccines actually retain molecules of the target material; unlike homeopathy. Any molecule that is foreign to the major histocompatability complex of T-cells can trigger an immune response if an adjuvant is included. This works with infectious diseases, but becomes adsurd if taken to other areas of medicine. Is it reasonable to treat fatigue with depressants? What about anemia? Would you treat that by bleeding?

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