Recommended Wiccan/Pagan Reading

Here is where I recommend books that I love and that you might like aswell. Incase you can’t hear me very well or need spelling, here are the books: Scott Cunningham Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner Living Wicca Magical Herbalism Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs Earth Power Earth, Air, Fire and Water Scott Cunningham and David Harrington The Magical Household Spell Crafts Phyllis Curott Witch Crafting Book of Shadows Shekhinah Mountainwater Ariadne’s Thread Starhawk The Spiral Dance The Earth Path Kate West The Real Witches’ Handbook Deborah Lipp The Study of Witchcraft: A Guidebook to Advanced Wicca Ellen Dugan The Enchanted Cat Dianna Sylvan The Circle Within Sandra Kynes Whispers from the Woods Edain McCoy Sabbats Raymond Buckland Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft

25 thoughts on “Recommended Wiccan/Pagan Reading

  1. ok one thing that people dont get the “divine comedy” the inferno” meaning hell in italian is and read closely DONTE’S! INFERNO its no everyones hell its his view! his wildest imagination! on what happens if you commit a certain sin! its not real!!!!! so if you dont wanna be catholic and wanna be pagan go right ahead no one is stopping you! you have one life do whatever you want! the devil is not real he is early christian propaganda that has been used now to scare 3 year old into prying!

  2. @AnyaPagan im currently working on SRW things…I like it. (The idea of an exam at the end of the second book is neat…im even adding to it) Can you recommend other authors/books?

  3. @Openheimmer666 Yes, I have her “Book Of Shadows” I would like to know what the discrepancies are….Is the book youve read?

  4. @safehouse123 I dispise people who lie like her (Currot). Much of what she wrote in Book of Shadows made no sense, or seemingly contradicts itself. Then the one after that, I found utterly useless! It’s the one the lass in the vid mentions. She’s a poor writer and seems like a smug bitch. I can back this all up just give me time to find those books again.

  5. @Openheimmer666 Hate? Would be informational to understand where youre coming from!

  6. @AnyaPagan Phillis Currots book Book of Shadows and why I hate the woman.

  7. @AnyaPagan I know that it’s been forever, but I dislike the woman because she lies not because I think she’s ugly. She condems the Catholics then refferences the Divine Comedy? she says that the Church tried to destroy music but I LISTEN TO EARLy music! it doesn’t make sense! I could go on but I don’t have the space

  8. For anyone who’s interested in reading any of these pagan/wiccan books i know for a fact a few of them are on scribed (dot) com…. very good website for reading ebooks. I rated 5 stars BTW.

  9. i have some scott cunningham books. he is the lead author of my collection. check out my video of my alter and books. i haven’t gotten through bucklands complete book of shadows yet or solitary witch by silver ravenwolf

  10. I am new to Wicca and I love your video, it was very helpful. I am thinking of maybe getting some of those books if my fiance has the money because I am unemployed and he is the one who does all the Wiccan book buying for me. I actually have the “Wicca: A guide for the solitary practitioner by Scott Cunningham” and “Living Wicca: A further guide for the solitary practitioner by Scott Cunningham” and´╗┐ quite a few other books my fiance got me for Christmas.

  11. i think shes beautiful. and her books are really good. you cant judge someone based on their looks.

  12. Phillis Curott sucks!! have you seen the woman she looks like a man!!

  13. u left out a few in mind. they r very very good authors. lexa rosean, judika illes, & ileana abrev

  14. @abrakadbrabingbangbo
    Yea obviously
    It’s like when you look like someone, but don’t at the same time

  15. do you mean looks wise? coz venus is a theistic satanist…

  16. You know I hear that alot. I have her “Solitary Witch, ultimate book of shadows” book and I foud some things in there that just didn’t sound right. It seems like she tries to teach “her way” instead of letting one find their own path. I’m fairly new to Wicca so I’m in no position to say anything. Thanks for the vid though, Blessed Be!

  17. i agree i bought some of her books just to see if what i heard was right…let me tell you it was!!! i will never read another one of her books.

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