The Metaphysical Properties of the Diamond: One of the True Birthstones of Leo – the Lion King (July 23-August 22)

The Blazing Summer Sign of Leo

By the end of July the summer sun is blazing and crops are bursting with their life force. Leo is a highly energetic, masculine fire sign. Leos can be none other than kings, leading all types of enterprises with their strong personalities. They need to be independent in their work, not submissive to others. They have a sense of entitlement and expect to be served. Fortunately, their strong, egocentric, masculine side is balanced by devotion to their children, a warm heart, and generosity. Leos’ courage pays off in the business world, where they take risks that lead to success.

The Ruler of the Star Sign Leo is the Sun

The Sun is a decidedly male heavenly body. It is the ruler of our universe and the source of all life and consciousness on Earth—our father. Life is consciousness! Because it is the center of our universe, it is associated with the center of our conscious selves—our self awareness, ego, personality, identity, and spirit. This is a most creative, powerful, and energetic heavenly body, giving us our life force, health, and vitality, our strength, willpower, and determination.

The male quality of the Sun is associated with authority figures, leadership, husbands, and fatherhood. The creative power of the Sun is associated with all creative endeavors, including the arts, procreation, and even commercial enterprises. In the horoscope the Sun lends its energy to the other planets.

The Sun rules Leo and the 5th House (Children & Creativity). In medicine it rules the heart and circulatory system.

How Gemstones Can Enhance Your Leo Experience

Leo is a masculine fire sign. Gemstones and especially Diamonds perfectly represent the life force energy, power, and fire of Leos.

Gemstones have both physical and metaphysical qualities that can enhance all aspects of your well-being. The perfectly aligned crystal structure of gemstones creates an energy field that interacts with our own when you hold it or wear it on your body. In this way, the gemstone can be used to calm you, bring you mental clarity, increase your energy, enhance your creativity, and much more.

Astrology and Gemstones

Astrological principles manifest at all levels of creation, from the largest bodies in the cosmos to the tiniest particles of atoms—all are part of the same network of universal energy. Based on the hermetic principle “As above, so below,” those universal principles allow us to read relations among the planets and extrapolate those principles to things here on Earth, to events in our lives, as well as to our natural environment. The universal principles that govern the planets are also seen on the much smaller level of gemstones, crystals, and metals.

The Signature of Gemstones

Each gemstone is associated with specific planets. You are already aware that each planet has its own personality in astrology. And each gemstone has a personal “signature”—specific metaphysical qualities, different for each stone, that arise from the stone’s association with its planets.

How to Make Gemstones Work for You

By considering the individual signature of gemstones, you can select the right gems for very specific purposes, according to their astrological qualities.

Gemstones can be used in three different ways:

1. They are precious objects of beauty that may hold a special meaning for us. We enjoy their beauty by giving them a special place on a shelf, desk, or altar.

2. They can be used in meditation by tuning into their frequency for the purpose of balancing our energy field.

3. They can be made into jewelry pieces for our pleasure, enhancing our individual expression of beauty and sense of empowerment.

You can learn more about the metaphysical properties of gemstones through my book Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery: Choosing Gemstones that Delight the Eyes & Strengthen the Soul where I teach you more about astrological concepts, how to read your horoscope and how to find the main themes in your chart. You will know how it all fits together into the bigger picture and you will be able to balance yourself with your 12 main healing gemstones, you could call your true birthstones. If that interests you, have a closer look at .

Below you will find a description of the Diamond, one of the true astrological birthstones for Leo. The astrological signature of Diamond is Sun, Saturn, Mars and Venus.

That means if you want to support those planetary principles in your chart Diamond is one of the best stones to do that!

Diamond: The King of Gemstones [1]

“Like Leo, the Diamond is the royal king of gemstones. Throughout the ages it has been accorded a place of honor as the most beautiful and precious of all gemstones. It has the highest reflection of light and is the hardest and most durable of all gems.

The Diamond represents the life force energy of the sun, the highest expression of light and consciousness in our solar system and therefore serving as the gateway to higher perceptions of reality, other realms and dimensions.

Many of our myths and stories show the individual hero struggling against some challenge; conquering that challenge requires growth and evolution to a higher state of  understanding and consciousness. This is the quest that we all pursue. The Diamond is a metaphor for this process: it is mined, cut, and polished, evolving toward a state of ever more refined perfection until it becomes a perfect manifestation of light and wisdom. Does this not mirror our own path toward a greater state of enlightened perfection?

The Diamond helps us to connect with our creativity and the power radiating out from the center of our being. Supported by the Diamond, we delve below our outward personality and discover our true selves.

As Diamond is the hardest stone, it supports us by helping us to achieve structure, self-discipline, and endurance in our lives so that we may extend the boundaries of our capacities.

The Diamond represents the crown chakra, our connection to unity consciousness, to all that is. It refracts light prismatically like a rainbow, representing our eternal connection to the divine source.

Given all of these superb qualities, we can all benefit from wearing a Diamond, wherever we are on our path. Its strength is enhanced when it is worn with the right awareness, helping us, through our human consciousness, to discover that we are part of the divine consciousness.

Whenever we wear a Diamond in combination with other colored stones, it enhances the qualities of the colored stone. I love to combine Diamonds with other stones in my jewelry; it’s like shining the light of consciousness into specific areas of your life.

The Green Diamond is very rare. It teaches us about the riches of the heart. It is an androgynous being with both male and female qualities. She is the lover and the beloved. He is the healer of the heart and makes it strong to protect it from hurt. Abundance of the heart and spirit and the grace that ensues from them—those are the lessons of Green Diamond.

The Yellow Diamond is also a unique and highly coveted stone. It represents the Sun and pure life energy and joy, meaning also love. Its golden light radiates into our body and soul, reminding us of the truth of who we are: eternal beings of light and spirit.

The Yellow Diamond stimulates and enhances our creativity and self-expression. It represents an artist of life who is able to celebrate and respond to life and its challenges. The wearer of the Yellow Diamond can stay very focused, determined, and patient as projects unfold.

This Diamond imparts the ability to keep the bigger picture in mind without getting lost in details, making us very successful in all our endeavors. We become winners with a golden touch like King Midas.”

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Aloha and many blessings, Shakti.

Shakti Carola Navran: astrologer, jeweler and author

[1] Adapted from Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery: Choosing Gemstones That Delight the Eye & Strengthen the Soul © 2008 by Shakti Carola Navran. Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989. All rights reserved, used by permission of the publisher.

Shakti Carola Navran is originally from Germany, living in Maui, Hawaii, is a professional jeweler, astrologer and author with a lifelong spiritual journey; she has been crafting personalized Soul Jewelry since 1977.
In her book Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery: Choosing Gemstones that Delight the Eyes & Strengthen the Soul she teaches you about how to read your personal horoscope and blue print for your life. Then you will be able to balance yourself in your most important areas with your 12 main healing gemstones, you could call your true birthstones.
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