11 thoughts on “What herbal medicine can you take for anxiety?

  1. decaf green tea sweatened with honey..injested during “alone time”
    ~the time you meditate before your day begins~

  2. You really need to go to your doctor for that..Useing herbals can really mess u up…If your doctor suggest a certain herbal then most likely it’s okay. But herbal meds aren’t regulated and so you really never know what your getting…. You know it could be something your eating that is making you have so much anxiety. Like I said check with your doctor and good luck.

  3. Valerian root is an herbal hypnotic. That doesn’t mean that it’ll knock you out, or totally trance you — rather, it’ll calm you down. If you’re going to take it — start with like 900mg every night — then increase your dose by 450mg nightly until you’re up to about 1800mg. Take 1800mg for a week or so, then you can start taking 450 during the day — and go back down to 900 at night. The reason for this is the effects. Valerian root causes tiredness — if you build up an ‘ immunity ‘ in your system, by dosing high at night, you’ll be less groggy throughout the day. You an order it online at http://www.swansonsvitamins.com or http://www.puritanspride.com it’s a little pricey — but much less than xanax.

  4. Kava Kava and Valarian are two of the root extracts I think would be recommended to you at a health food store. I personally take them both and find that valarian in liquid form is wonderful and calming.
    If I am very tired at night and have difficulty falling to sleep, I take one or two Kava Kava and they relax me into a nice rest – I wake up feeling very refreshed with no after affect.

  5. I treated my anxiety from all those ON the market
    I can say that this helped
    any more info email me
    avoid eating apricot fruit

  6. there is a tea at any health food store , it’s called rescue remedy .
    it will calm you down . I’ve tried it and it works .

  7. 5-HTP. It’s not herbal, it’s an amino acid that has the components of tryptophan. I take 250 mg in the morning and 200 about 2 hours before bed. Available in health food and vitamin stores. I highly recommend this as it is a substance that naturally occurs in our bodies anyway. Please please stay away from prescription medications for anxiety as they can be addictive.

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