Wyeth Phenomenon, The (clip)

A penetrating examination of the world, cult and art of artist Andrew Wyeth, whose works have become, probably, the fastest selling items in the world of art. CBS newsman, Harry Reasoner, dissects the controversy raging over this shy, isolated man and then turns to John Canaday, noted art critic for the New York Times, who gives a detailed analysis of Wyeth’s work. Produced by CBS News. Release Year:1968 26 minutes, color. Direct link to purchase the DVD: www.phoenixlearninggroup.com

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  1. On an autumn day in 1989 I parked on Ring Road at the exact spot where the train killed N.C. Wyeth and his grandson. A station wagon driven by a black lady slowed almost to a stop as it passed me. Sitting in the passenger’s seat was Nat Wyeth and we looked into each others eyes as they passed. At the exact same moment the horn of a train was wailing off in the distance. A cold shiver ran up my spine and I left Chadds Ford that day with a feeling like the Wyeths had touched me in a profound way.

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