How can i get rid of wedding anxiety dreams?

At least once a week i have these horrible wedding day disaster dreams. I am getting married in May, and in the dreams, i wake up and it is the day of my wedding, and i think, WOW! I cant believe its here already! Nothing is done, i forgot to send invitations, the caterer doesnt show up, my teeth fall out, i am cooking everything and making CD’s for the reception, my flowers are just stems with dead flowers on them. Is this normal to have these types of dreams? And i am always the only one in the dream.

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  1. i don’t know how to get rid of them, but your dreams are your brains way of dealing with what happened to you during the day, what you thought about, etc. So if you’re worrying about your wedding a lot, or have some subconcious fears about it, thats probably why.

  2. Ack. 1st of all Im very sorry to hear this. But it sounds pretty normal. U can make it thru!

    Ur regular dr might be able to prescribe you something like Xanax for the next few months that U can use to help U sleep and throughout the day when U R really feeling the pressure of this big event

    U might want to check out 4 more info and click “Health” and then click one of the links on the top right of the page, I have gotten a lot of good information there

    Hope this helps somehow

  3. I once read that when you dream of your teeth falling out, it denotes your fear and anxiety of future success.

    Whether the fear is of the success of your wedding day or of your decision to marry is up to you to determine. I hope it is the former and assuming it is, here are my suggestions:

    1. Hire a “day of” wedding coordinator. The fee will be lower than a full service coordinator and you will have the peace of mind knowing that when you wake up on your wedding day, the coordinator will have everything under control. (and you’ll have all your teeth) If you think you can’t afford one, try craigslist. And figure the cost difference between hiring a coordinator and going to the doctor for sleeping pills for the next 5 months.

    2. At the risk of sounding like a fool, I think you should pick up a copy of the book “Miss Manners on Weddings” by Judith Martin. Not because you need mannes or etiquette lessons but because you may need a reminder of what your wedding is really about… A ceremony and a celebration of your union where you are surrounded by the people you love most. This book will help you from feeling like you have to put on a big production with all the frills just to please others. Do you think your guests are going to remember the flowers and favors OR will they remember how in love you two are and the romantic atmosphere you both created with your excitement? All the flowers, candles and planning in the world can’t create the mood you and your future husband set with your demeanor.

    3. Think of it this way, if your wedding is the happiest day of your life, then what will you have to look forward to when its over? Even if the whole day is a disaster at least you’re married and you have a lifetime happiness ahead of you.

    Relax and good luck.

  4. I had a few dreams myself. I don’t know if you can make them go away all together. What eased things for me was being organized. I got my planning done as early as I could and I tried not to stress. Spend as little time as possible with those who try to stress you out, because they’ll be there trying to tell you that things won’t all go well and that you should be more stressed. Just try to stay away from those who talk negatively like that. Getting your planning done, and feel confident. Try to relax and more than anything else, enjoy this time.

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