25 thoughts on “Carl Sagan on the pseudoscience of Astrology

  1. @DanielSahne I bet the “mystic” you go to has even a 1% of the credentials that Sagan did. You can “feel” the influence of the stars have on you? What exactly do you feel?

  2. Carl Sagan is a moron. I can feel how the stars influence me and the mystic I go to has never been wrong when predicting things.

  3. @JerezJulio see? I told you. And if he would have signed against it, it would have been bad too. See?, there´s no way to make these fanatacis happy

  4. @JerezJulio First of all, glad you and ebrobaru are now best of buddies, good for you. Car Sagan called astrology a pseudoscience. For a clever man, such a foolish statement. Astrology has never claimed to be scientific. To therefore cannot be labelled a pseudscience. I know Sagan refused to sign against astrology, big deal!!

  5. @JerezJulio Thanks for the information. Let´s see how he dismisses it this time.

  6. @the0fart0machine
    The irony is that, for you who seem to despise Carl Sagan so much, it was Carl Sagan one of the few scientists at the time that came in defense of the right of Astrologers to make their case.
    He was one of the few to scientist how refuse to sign the pronouncement.
    If you only were more inform about the non sense you keep posting.

  7. @the0fart0machine
    The Astronomical Society of the Pacific officially pronounced Astrology among other discipline like Scientology as pseudo science.

  8. @the0fart0machine
    They were forced to take that position after the huge boost Astrology acquired in 1988 after it was found that President Ronald Regan President’s Reagan’s, similar to President Bush who announced that Intelligent should be taught in biology classes, scheduled his agenda according to the prediction of his wife, Nancy Reagan, astrologer who they had in the white house payroll.

  9. @the0fart0machine Yeah, I bet you have wasted valuable time of your moronic predictions

  10. @ebrobaru I’ve wasted enough time with you, move on time waster. I knew from your initial comment that you would waste my time, good bye and good riddance.

  11. @the0fart0machine fine, keep avoiding the topic while diverting attention. Hey, just another day at the office for astrology

  12. @ebrobaru I knew your comment was false and you could not supply the information. You have failed to deliver again and are trying to play the victim.

  13. @the0fart0machine again sidestepping a direct question. As usual. Ok then.

  14. @ebrobaru I asked you clearly to show or copy me the claim that you mentioned and you have failed!

  15. @the0fart0machine didn´t you understand me? Look below in this very link. Can you answer a simple question or not?

  16. @ebrobaru I am asking you. Show or copy these claims. Where do astrologers claim it to be scientific???

  17. @the0fart0machine If you read even on this link below, you`ll see that many claim that. And also on other links here n Youtube. Anyway, how would you describe it? art? entertainment? passtime? hobby?

  18. @ebrobaru Which astrologers claim astrology is scientific? Where are you getting your information from?

  19. @the0fart0machine well, many claim that it is. So what is it according to you?

  20. @the0fart0machine many many astrologers claim that. Anyway, if you don´t say it´s science then what do you say it is ?

  21. @ebrobaru Your very mistaken my friend. Never have i or my fellow group of astrologers ever called astrology science. Dream on, and on.

  22. @the0fart0machine The only one making a fool of himself (ans doing a great job) is you. Astrologers always claim that astrology is science. So anyone with a brain, and Sagan had one that you would only dream of, can see that it is only pseudoscience.

  23. Sagan making a fool of himself again. Astrology never claimed to be scientific, so how can Sagan say astrology is a PSEUDOSCIENCE. If you don’t know “Pseudoscience is a methodology, belief, or practice that is claimed to be scientific.” Sagan keep to what you do know and stay away from what you know f*** all about.

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