Healing What Ails You Through Naturopathic Treatment

The term naturopathic treatment covers a broad range of modalities that come under the umbrella of alternative medicines. All natural therapies aim to work with the body in treating the cause of illness, not just the symptoms. They also treat people holistically, taking into account not only their physiology, but also psychology and lifestyle.

Some examples of healing methods that come under this umbrella would be acupuncture, both Chinese and western herbal medicine, Indian ayurvedic medicine, chiropractic and massage, macrobiotics and energy work such as reiki and thought field therapies. Some are more accepted by doctors as having something to offer patients in assisting with maintaining their health, while others are frowned upon as being useless scams.

Naturopathy as a label has only been around for about one hundred years, but most alternative healing methods it covers are tradition-based medicines that have been used for much longer than we can prove.

Ancient Egyptians, Native American Indians and Aborigines, to name a few, have used what they find in nature to heal their people and some of their recipes are successfully used today.

It is important to remember that all potent and potentially harmful medicines that are pharmaceutically produced have some plant derived ingredients. They are simply concentrated to the point where they are very powerful and sometimes damaging.

Naturopaths have a motto that has been used since the 1800’s and that is to “do no harm”. Where prescription medications can have long-term side effects and even cause short-term discomfort, Naturopathic medicines are subtle in assisting. They work with the body, not against it and positive results can be felt quickly.

A Naturopathic medicine for a common cold for example will be ingredients to enhance the immune system, to help the body decongest and reduce inflammation, and probably something that is antiviral and antibacterial to eradicate germs more quickly.

The medicines they use only encourage the bodies own ability to do all these things itself. If you buy an over the counter pharmaceutical treatment, it may cover your symptoms, but can deplete the immune system, dehydrate you and give you a false impression of health so you don’t allow your body the rest it needs to recover.

If your immune system is able to beat any illness on it’s own, it will be more robust and capable next time it is faced with similar circumstances.

Seeing a Naturopath when you are in good health can also be a great idea. You can discuss things like Naturopathic medicines for energy levels, sleeping patterns, moods and even homeopathic mixtures to prevent generic diseases which may run in your family.

There are many different ways they can help with general health, and the less stressed you are and the stronger your immune systems, the less likely you will be to get sick in the first place.

Now days, visits to the Naturopathic center are usually covered by health insurance, so you can get similar insurance benefits as you would going to the doctor.

Disclaimer – The information presented here should not be interpreted as or substituted for medical advice. Please talk to a qualified professional for more information about naturopathic treatment.


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