So how come if a pagan oracle prophecises about anything to do with Christianity, Pagans don’t believe it?

I myself never knew any pagan oracle to say things about Christianity, but nevertheless, some apparently have.

Now my thing is, is that if these pagan oracles prophecy about a coming Christ, why won’t pagans believe it since they’re supposed to believe that the oracles speak for the gods?
you didn’t see my last question?
well I don’t know what path comes from the roman gods.

whichever pagans those are, this is who that question it to. 🙂
well, it’s in reference to this saying by some oracle in 37 BC.

And this is generally associated with Jesus the Christ. Because both in the Hebrew Bible and this oracle to they speak of a Boy/Child that is to be born from Heaven.

10 thoughts on “So how come if a pagan oracle prophecises about anything to do with Christianity, Pagans don’t believe it?

  1. Dude,

    Would you at least try to provide some sources for this goofy question? What prophecy? What oracle? I mean, come on, man, if you’re going to make a statement like that, at least fill in the details.

  2. Hypothetical and subjunctive. L of J, you’ve been off your game lately, maybe you need a little time for you.

  3. And going by your last question YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT A PAGAN IS!

    Pagan is an UMBRELLA term much like the term Christian is. Pagans embrace various traditions and beleifs. Just like Christians do. Would it be fair for me to assume that ALL Baptists were exactly like ALL Lutherans? No, they are christians but they have some different beleifs and traditions. The same thing for the pagans.

    I DO NOT HAVE A BELEIF IN AN ORACLE, simple as that. Whenever you decide to actually listen to what pagans are telling you….maybe you will get that. But its going to actually take you reading and comprehending what we tell you.

  4. As a pagan, I have no idea of what you are referring to. As your list of Qs and As are private, you could at least provide a link, if you expect meaningful responses.

    Thanks for the link.

    I am not a Roman pagan, but even if I was, that does not mean I place stock in oracles or prophets. In fact, part of why I am a pagan is that my approach to spirituality is focused upon personal spirituality – not second-hand interpretations.

    To me, as soon as you start relying on others interpretations, whether texts, prophets or oracles, one might as well be a monotheist – one has given away one’s own personal path. I doubt even all Roman pagans of the time heeded the words of oracles the way Christians follow their leaders.

    In polytheism, one can have multliple gods, don’t forget. That makes it hard for there to be a single orthodoxy under any oracle as you suggest. Just as not all Christians necessarily take the words of the Pope, Pat Robertson or any other leader.

    Paganism is generally not authoritarian, although Roman paganism tried to be (but it’s impossible to tell how much was lip service, after all’s said and done).

  5. Like I added to my last answer (because you did get me in some places) there are so many different pagan religions, so that would only pertain to those ones, and also how do we know that Jesus is who it was talking about.

    Just because it was in your book and in that oracle doesn’t necessarily make them talking about the same thing you know.

  6. How?
    Look in the real world.
    Decode this lyrics “Time after time”
    With self lack of knowledge and total loss of IQ?
    Without being aware at loss with our creator’s universal gifts of life vital for their own survival in time?
    Luke 21.30-33
    Luke 6.39-40,41-45,46-49
    Revelation 22.13-17
    What do you think?

  7. 1. Not all Pagans believe in oracles.
    2. Not all people believe that Jesus was a divine being. Believing that a divine being was going to come to Earth does not mean they will necessarily accept the person the Christians claim to be the one divine being on Earth.

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